Best Home Improvement Projects for Your Rental Property

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Over time, your rental property can start showing signs of wear and tear devaluing the value of your home. Small home improvement projects will help you keep your property looking new, modern and in excellent condition.

Here are a few home improvement ideas to help you do just that.

1.       Kitchen Improvement Projects

To improve the value of your kitchen, add extra storage. Take advantage of any empty spaces and add in cabinets and shelves. Additional space comes in handy in the kitchen when storing cutlery and cookware. If you have space, add in a pantry for storing dry goods and small kitchen equipment. Add in shelves with glass doors to break the closed door monotony.

If you are renovating your commercial kitchen space for lease, you should add extra storage by adding cabinets and shelve and Take advantage of any empty spaces. Additional space comes in handy in the kitchen when storing cutlery and cookware. If you have space, add in a pantry for storing dry goods and small kitchen equipment. Add in shelves with glass doors to break the closed-door monotony.

Paint the cabinets with soft shades to give them a fresh new look. Replace the cabinet doors if they are too outdated. Substitute the knobs with more modern high-quality ones if they are showing signs of aging. If the tiles are old and stained, consider replacing these with new ones or painting them.

Light determines the energy and mood in a room. Replace old lighting with wall sconces, ceiling lights, pendants, or chandelier. Install under cabinet lighting to improve the look of your kitchen. Use bright light on the sink and cooking areas. Proper lighting will make the kitchen look bright and spacious.

Check the state of the countertops to see whether they are damaged. Years of washing and meal preparation may be taking a toll on them. Consider replacing these with granite or other types of countertops if they are now old.

Check the appliances to see if they are still in good working condition. A thorough cleaning may be necessary. If they are old and outdated, replace these with new ones. Get energy efficient appliances that will save you money.

2.       Restore Your Floors

After years of use, the floor can start looking dull and old. Whether it is marble, tile or hardwood, you can brighten it and significantly improve the appearance of your property.

One way to improve your floors is to polish using the product specifically designed for that purpose. The polish will restore its original shine. Replace any broken, stained, or chipped areas.

If you have a carpet on the floor, you can have it cleaned professionally to remove stains and give it a fresh look. Replace it with a new one or with some other flooring if the carpet is old, faded and worn out.

3.       Upgrade The Bathroom

The bathroom is another essential area you must consider when you are improving the value of your rental property. Check to see if it looks old and stained. If so, replace it with a new one. Check the mirrors and shower doors to see if the glass is damaged. Replace if necessary. Add a frame to the mirror to give it a modern look.

Showers, sinks, and faucets may over time become rusty due to water damage. Replace them if they are damaged. New ones will improve the quality and look of your rental property.

4.       Paint The Rooms

Painting is one of the most straightforward home improvements you can do. It gives your home a fresh new look. It hides away the previous paint and leaves the surface smooth and bright.

Carefully select the colors to paint and coordinate these with the rest of the items in your home. Keep the colors neutral such as grey or beige. These colors will have a higher appeal on your tenants and work well with furniture.

5.       Landscape To Improve Your Property

It is easy to forget the outside, but landscaping is equally essential when improving your rental property. Add potted plants to your patios and doorways to accessorize your entryway. Add fresh mulch to the garden beds.

Maintain your garden by trimming shrubs, mowing the lawn, and pruning any overgrown trees. Plant additional trees and flower beds.

If you have any water features, clean them up or repaint if necessary. Over time they accumulate leaves and form alga in the water. Remove any algae and any other dirt. Repair any leaks around your garden. Wash any paved surfaces around the compound to give them a new look.

Repaint your exteriors if the paint color is old and faded. Repair any cracks on the wall or around the compound. Check the exterior lighting and replace any old bulbs.

Add an outdoor sitting area. It is a home improvement idea that your tenants will love. Include a variety of seating options such as chairs, benches, or stools without cluttering the space.

Whether it is your kitchen or your bathroom or your outdoors, these home improvement tips are sure to add value to your property. Whether it is a luxury villa or a small rental property these ideas are easy to implement and will attract potential tenants to your home.


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