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Landscaping Tips – Best Herb Garden Ideas

Most people think that having a small yard or living in an apartment means that they cannot enjoy gardening. However, that is not true. Herb gardens are the perfect solution for everyone with limited space and immense love for growing plants.

If you are looking for fresh landscaping tips for your little herb garden and need some inspiration, look no further. We will give you a rundown of our favorite ideas and help you grow the garden from your dreams.

Best Gardening Tips for Beginners

1.   A Herb Spiral for Small Gardens

If you have a rather small garden space and want to make the most of it, we suggest going for a herb spiral. It is a structure that is relatively easy to build that can contain all your herbs in a compact growing space. A spiral is particularly amazing because you can combine herbs that prefer different growing conditions in one place.

You can put Mediterranean herbs that need a lot of sun on top and those that prefer moisture and shade on the bottom. That way, every plant will grow in optimal conditions, and your garden will be much more varied.

2.   Potted Garden

If you have no garden space and can just use your patio, a potted garden might be just what you need. This gardening method is also excellent for herbs because it allows you to give each one a separate pot. They will have enough room, soil, and moisture to grow, and your garden will be more prosperous.

Having pots is also great when the seasons change because you can just move your herbs wherever you want. The same is true for different periods of the day. You can move those that need more sun around, so they get the most out of every day.

This method also allows you to combine herbs with flowers. Doing so will increase the visual appeal, as well as help fill the pots fully while the herbs are still young.

3.   Indoor Herb Garden

An indoor garden can be just as fulfilling and fun to maintain as an outdoor one. Besides, an indoor garden is perfect for beginners who don’t want to get overwhelmed with too much work immediately.

All you need is some fresh herbs, a few small pots, and a windowsill. The great thing about these little gardens is the fact that they can thrive no matter the weather. They will always have enough light from your window, and you’ll be able to keep them safe and warm.

4.   Add Herbs to Your Flower Garden

If you already have a flower garden but want to grow herbs too, we have good news. Combining the two into a single garden will be beneficial or both and it will look amazing. Plus, you won’t have to make space for the herbs somewhere else.

Herbs can discourage pests and protect your flowers. In addition, they can attract insects such as ladybugs and praying mantises to your garden. These insects are beneficial for the flowers and the soil. Finally, herbs can also discourage flies and mosquitos from your garden and your home, as these insects can’t stand the strong herb aromas.

5.   Small Outdoors Kitchen Garden

If you want a small kitchen garden but have no windowsill or it’s not wide enough to hold the pots, this idea is for you. All you need is a windowsill planter that you can hang on the outside of your window.

You can plant any herbs you want, and they’ll get enough natural light and rain to thrive. If it gets too cold during winter, you can keep them in a hallway or anywhere in your home during the nights for extra protection.

6.   A Hydroponic Garden

A Hydroponic garden is the way to go if you want to try something new and grow herbs without getting your hands dirty. This gardening technique uses a combination of water and nutrients instead of soil, meaning the possibility of getting your home dirty is minimal. It is the quickest and easiest way to grow herbs indoors.

These gardens can be vertical and similar to a herb spiral or horizontal and placed on a kitchen shelf. Vertical ones are more common for the outdoors, while horizontal gardens are perfect for your kitchen or hallways. Either way, it all depends on the space you are working with and your preferences.

A Few Parting Words

As you have read, there are countless gardening tips and tricks out there that can make your herb garden shine. The best thing about them is that you can implement them all by yourself and spend some quality time doing DIY projects. However, if you still feel like you can’t design and plant a herb garden on your own, we suggest hiring a reliable landscaping service to help you get started. Whichever route you take, we hope that you find something you like in our guide and that your garden always thrives. 

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