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9 Best Gifts for Dads Who Love to Be Outside

Family Bonding

Is the dad in your life always answering his phone from a hiking trail with one bar of service? Does he spend his weekends wading through a river in rubber boots, fly rod in hand? Does he love making you look at all of the 500 pictures he took on his last national park trip? If so — and if you’re looking for gifts to make Father’s Day special for this outdoorsy dad — you’ve come to just the right place! Ahead, we’ve put together nine of the most thoughtfully awesome gifts for the outdoors-loving dad in your life.

1. Outdoor Kitchen Island

Know a dad who’d cook every meal in the backyard if he could? An outdoor cooking setup is an unforgettable gift and, thanks to the advent of modular outdoor kitchen island kits, it’s never been easier to install a full-fledged outdoor kitchen on a patio. Most require little or no DIY expertise, so they’re ideal for dads who want a low-maintenance way to make the most of their grilling sessions. Just be aware that he might never cook inside again!

2. Hiking Boots

A solid pair of hiking boots is a must for any outdoorsy dad. So, if his boots are looking a little bedraggled, a new pair could be just the gift you’re looking for. A pair of trail runners or hiking shoes are good for dads who stick to easier day hikes, while hardcore backpacker dads will probably need a proper pair of high-cut hiking boots with good ankle support. Make sure to grab him some shoe care accessories, like a brush and polish, so he can keep his boots in great shape.

3. Hammock

Dads, as a rule, tend to love a good nap — and what better place to take a nap than a hammock, swaying gently in a summer breeze? A hammock is the perfect combo of leisure and practicality: Dad can relax on the porch on a pleasant day, or he can use it as a place to sleep while camping. If you know he’s going to take it on the trail, make sure to go for a lightweight model that packs down small like the many camping and hiking hammocks available from top outdoor brands. (Also make sure its specs will fit him, especially if he’s a big and/or tall guy.)

4. Portable Power Bank

Lots of dads out there love both the outdoors and their favorite gadgets. A portable power bank will help make sure your dad’s phone and other devices never go dead while he’s out enjoying nature. He simply needs to charge the battery of his power bank for a few hours — then, he’ll enjoy days and days of charging power available for his phone, camera, and other devices whenever he needs it!

5. Portable Coffeemaker

No dad should have to suffer instant coffee when he’s on his outdoor adventures! Instead, grab him one of the many sleek portable coffee pots now on the market. These clever devices let you boil water and make coffee all in a single pot via a classic percolator design. Heat the water up, and the pressure will force it through the tube, where it meets the coffee grounds and brews the precious caffeinated nectar. In fact, the only downside of this gift might be the possibility that he’ll feel the need to explain how it works to you every time he uses it.

6. Multi-Tool

What’s better (and more convenient) than getting your dad a knife, screwdriver, pliers, bottle opener, and chisel separately? Getting them for him all at once in an awesome multi-tool, of course! Dads love multi-tools for their on-the-go practicality in any outdoor situation and for their usefulness in a wide variety of hobbies like woodworking, fishing, hunting, model building, and many more.

7. Pellet Grill

Pellet grills — wood-fired grills/smokers that burn compressed wood pellets — are among the hottest types of new outdoor cooking gear, thanks to their ability to harness the best aspects of real wood cooking in an accessible package. Their automatic fuel feeder systems and consistent temperatures make them ideal for grilling and smoking all kinds of foods. What’s more, the WiFi pellet grill models out there today offer mobile-ready smart grill features, so he can check the status of his brisket from afar while he works on whittling down his ever-growing to-do list. (Gadgets and grilling — can you name a more iconic dad combination?)

8. Travel Guitar

Buying for a dad who likes to pick a little wherever he goes? He’ll be blown away when you give him an honest-to-goodness travel-size guitar! These come in a big range of shapes and sizes, and some models offer wild technical innovations such as removable necks for easier storage and transport. Make sure it comes with a case (he’ll need one to fit the unique shape of these guitars) — and, while you’re at it, you might as well stuff the case with some guitar essentials like picks, strings, string winders, and a tuner.

9. Outdoor Adventure

For dads who love the outdoors, an experience can be an even better gift than gear. Whether it’s a kayaking day trip or a full-scale tour package in an exotic locale, taking him out for some time in nature is an adventure that will bring him a whole different kind of enjoyment. If you’re not sure exactly where he might like to go the most, the National Parks Pass — a year-long subscription that will get him into every U.S. national park — is a safe bet for any outdoors-loving dad.

Final Words

Whatever gifts you’re purchasing for the dad in your life, try to enjoy them together if you can! The beauty of the outdoors is often at its best when shared with people you care the most about — so try asking if he wants to go on a hike or hit the park. We bet he’ll say yes!

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