Beautiful and Simple Outdoor Patio Design Ideas 2021

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Do you enjoy spending a lot of time relaxing and chatting with your family outside? An outdoor patio allows you to wind down after a long day of work and have a pleasant experience with your loved ones. Read below to know our takes on outdoor patio design ideas.

outdoor patio design

Brick Patio

Genuine brick is used to pave patios because of its rough beauty and durability. It’s also very cost-effective since a brick patio can be installed for around $15 per square foot. Many DIY enthusiasts also prefer this type of patio since it is easy to build.

The dry-laid technique is one of the most common methods for building a brick patio. The installer will lay the bricks directly over sand or crushed stone foundation in this method. Another approach is to press bricks into a mortar foundation above a concrete slab.

Aside from the structural considerations, the most fun element is selecting the design and color of the patio bricks. Many homeowners like the straight-set brick pattern for its timeless elegance and ease of installation. This design is made up of rows of horizontally arranged bricks that are placed side by side in grids.

The running bond design is another common brick patio pattern. The running bond pattern is practical and visually appealing, and it works well in both contemporary and traditional brick patios. The interlocking brick pattern makes it one of the most durable patio designs.

Natural Stone Patio

Natural stones are well-known for their elegance, timelessness, and durability, making them an excellent choice for any patio. A properly installed stone patio will survive for a long time and eventually improve in beauty with time.

Natural stone holds its shine for a longer period and is less prone to algae and moss formation. There are also numerous unique varieties of stone offered, each with its own set of patterns, textures, and, most significantly, prices to fit a range of incomes.

In addition to the pavement, stones may be carved to make stairs and wall textures, allowing the use of a homogeneous material to harmonize the whole living area. However, most people are unlikely to be able to build a stone patio on their own because the necessary tools and skills are required.

Wood Patio

Wood patios are also popular among homeowners and do-it-yourselfers. You may customize your wood patio to match your lifestyle, whether you want a plant-filled sanctuary or a minimalist garden space.

Making an appealing wood patio makeover does not have to be expensive. Pallets are an inexpensive and simple solution to create an attractive wood patio.

A pergola can also be a wonderful addition to your wood patio. While an open-air deck is a great asset to any house, adding a pergola can convert it into a royal enclave.

Concrete Patio

Concrete patios, which come in a variety of creative finishes, have become increasingly appealing to customers who want an outside area with infinite design possibilities. A concrete patio is also more robust and requires less care than other materials.

Concrete patios, in addition to acting as a meeting area for relaxing and socializing, allow owners to effortlessly combine interior and exterior living areas. They can be color-matched to complement a home’s exterior or landscaping when enhanced with varnishes and basic paints.

They can also be engraved or stamped to seem more like other famous flooring materials including brick, stone, and tile. Such versatility makes them ideal for outdoor kitchens and living spaces.

Because they need less effort to build, concrete patios are generally less expensive than patios built with masonry or natural materials. Concrete is an affordable option for most budgets due to its low cost and a broad variety of designs and textures.

Even though concrete is a strong and versatile material, working on a concrete patio is not for everyone. To undertake such a job, you should always hire a concrete patio contractor. Doing a do-it-yourself project for your concrete patio may cause more harm than good.

Final Thoughts

As the weather warms up, we all want to spend much more time outside. The summer weather brings the opportunity to relax outdoors and enjoy outdoor activities with family members and friends.

Whether you live near the equator or not, a patio is always a great addition to your backyard. All it takes is some modest planting, outdoor chairs, and perhaps a beautiful pergola to transform your patio into the focal center of outdoor enjoyment all through the year.

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