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Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

An aging bathroom décor detracts from the appearance and livability of your home. Renovating this interior space is one of the best ways to update the look of a house and enhance its value. If a major remodeling project is not in your budget, there are several less expensive ways to update the look of your bathroom. These tips will help you create a space that meets your needs and matches your lifestyle.

Develop a Plan

Consider how the bathroom fits into your daily routine. Take an inventory of the cosmetic and structural items that require attention. Top priorities include safety and conservation issues, such as outdated electrical outlets, damaged wood and leaky pipes. Cosmetic issues may include insufficient lighting, unattractive flooring and outdated wallpaper. Once you have a plan, you can prioritize the items on your list and correct deficiencies as funds become available.

Inexpensive Updates

Select a motif, and change the wall covering to match the new decor. Although paint and wallpaper are relatively inexpensive, they can transform a room. Add lighting and change existing fixtures to complement the new style. You can save money by replacing the flooring with vinyl tiles and new area rugs or ceramic tiles that resembles natural stone. Instead of replacing the fixtures, change the faucets in the sink, bathtub and shower. Install a rainfall or massage showerhead for a spa-like experience.

Swap out accessories, such as towels, floor mats and toilet seat covers. Instead of purchasing new decorations, consider using items from other rooms in your home or something that you have in storage. You can change the appearance of an existing mirror with a new frame.

Reuse and Recycle

You can purchase items for reasonable prices at salvage yards. Ask the customer service representative at your local home improvement store whether they have remnants, returns, discontinued products and items that may have small blemishes. These products are often available at a discount. This will enable you to save money on high-end materials that can add a luxurious feel to your new bathroom. Always ensure that you have sufficient paint, wallpaper or floor tiles to complete the project. Reuse the cabinets, countertops and sink as well as the toilet, bathtub and shower if they are in good condition. If you have to replace the vanity, reuse the sink if possible. Refurbish or refinish rather than replace bathroom fixtures and furniture.

If you have an older bathtub that is showing its age but is otherwise still in good condition, there is no reason to replace it. Reglazing your old tub is less expensive than replacing it with a new model. Installing a new tub may require relocating water supply and drain lines.

If the new tub is heavier than the original tub, you may have to strengthen the flooring. The cost of purchasing and installing a new tub can easily exceed the expense of refinishing the old one. Reglazing requires significantly less time, labor and materials, which helps keep remodeling costs down.

Pulling It All Together

Working on a budget does not mean that you cannot have your dream bathroom. Start with a plan to identify what you want to accomplish. By using creative solutions, refurbishing existing fixtures and looking for bargains on supplies, you can complete a bathroom makeover on a limited budget.

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