Backyard Sport: What Area Do You Need For A Tennis Court?

Last Updated on June 27, 2022 by Kravelv

Most health professionals will tell you that sport is a great way to boost your health. Of course, the problem is you need to find a sport you love and make the time to do it. This can be hard in the modern world where everyone is busy so much of the time.

That’s why lots of people look at how to build more sports into their homes and yards, making it possible to exercise at home whenever you want.

Tennis is a popular sport with a surprising number of fans eager to make a court at home. Creating a court is easier than you think, although you will need some assistance.

It starts with digging a foundation, ideally 5-6 inches thick. This is a mixture of compacted hardcore and the finished tennis court surface. You’ll want to speak to the specialists in sport surfaces Sydney to select the finish that suits your needs the best.

Once the floor is down you only need a net and perhaps some fencing to contain the ball in the right area of your yard.

It’s not usually necessary to get planning permission for this type of project but it is worth checking before you get started.


A regulation-sized tennis court is 120ft long and 60ft wide. This isn’t just the playing area, it covers the runoff and other areas attached to the court. The actual playing area of the court is 78ft long. For singles matches, it’s 27ft wide and for doubles, it’s 36 ft wide.

In other words, if you don’t worry about the runoff area, but want a full-size court, you’ll need a space  78ft long and 27ft wide.

Naturally, not every backyard is big enough to support a full-sized tennis court. But, if your aim is to practice tennis you don’t necessarily need a full-size court. There are two alternatives!

Half A Court

You’ll need to spend a moment thinking about who you will play tennis with. If there isn’t anyone then you may be better off with half a court. That’s a court 27ft wide but only 39ft long. A wall will need to be where the net is. This will allow you to bounce the ball back. In some ways, this is reminiscent of squash. But, it will allow you to play the game and improve your tennis skills.

Make It Smaller

The other option is to simply go for a smaller court. There is no minimum size you can choose when creating your own court. Simply take a look at the space you have available and build a court to the size.

In all cases, you’ll need to paint the lines on the surface before you can play. But, it will be worth the wait as you’ll be able to, play tennis whenever you want.

Naturally, evening lights and a means to catch the ball will allow you to play at any time without damaging your house.

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