An Open Guide for Remodeling the Kitchen

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In the real estate, one knows what will help in selling the house – it is the kitchen. If you are a smart buyer then you must be knowing this fact. Even a smart seller knows how to maximize his profits by remodeling the kitchen. You cannot deny this fact, the kitchen is the heart of any house and here is the most time spent by the members, therefore, this is the first thing that people pay attention to. Whether your house is getting prepared for renovation or it is on the verge of getting sold, all you need to do is get your kitchen remodeled at the earliest.

Here is a list of things you need to sort first before you plan the kitchen remodeling.

Know Your List:

Having a list of things that you need to change or add in your kitchen handy is always beneficial. This keeps you in charge of your spending limit. Yes, it is true that you have a plethora of options when it comes to remodeling the kitchen, however, the bitter truth is that limitless options mean a limitless budget. Understand your space and then according to your needs, make the desired changes or additions. Below are some questions you need to ask yourself before you list down the things you need the most:

  • Do you need enough storage space?
  • Do you need to re-paint your walls?
  • Where do you need the repair the most?

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Fix Your Spending Limit:

Once you know what all you need and what all you do not need will help you in making a budget that suits your family. The best way to have a perfect budget for your kitchen is to allocate the money according to the areas. For instance, keep the maximum budget for cabinets and hardware. The second thing you need money for is installation and then finally the electrical appliances. Once these major things have been sorted, other minor yet important things need an allocation of your budget like countertops, lighting, flooring, plumbing, etc.

According to a study conducted by HomeAdvisor, people spend an average of close to $23,000 dollars. To assess your budget, all you need to know is the total value of your kitchen. Once you know it, just spend approximately 5% of it on the renovation of the kitchen.

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Explore Showrooms and Hardware Stores:

How do you know what you need? Well, the only solution is by visiting a number of hardware stores. The market has a lot more than you know, therefore, exploring options is a must. If you have a limited budget then ensure you pick an option which is durable for you. For instance, pick tiles as an option for your floor if the natural stone is what you like.

Know Where You Need A Professional Help:

Do you think by knowing what you want and how much you want to invest will actually make your kitchen remodeling easier? Well, if that is what you think then think harder as this may sound an easy job but it is not. The nuances of kitchen remodeling can only be known by professionals. What combination looks better, what goes where what needs renovation from the scratch etc. we have heard a lot of stores where on the demo day only things go miserably wrong. If that is what you want to avoid then seeking consultation from an expert is a wise idea.

If your budget does not allow you to hire a professional then ensure you have kept a lot of extra dollars to rectify the mistakes you will do without an expert’s advice. There are two ways of seeking professional help:

  • By hiring a contractor
  • By hiring a kitchen remodeling designer

Hiring A Contractor: 

A contractor sees your kitchen, gives you the blueprints of what needs to be done, and will hire a team to work under him who will finish the work within the stipulated time period. This may sound like a burden on your budget, however, contractors know the best of best when it comes to material and the supplies. If you see the other way round they help you in saving a lot of money. Before you finalize one for your kitchen, ensure to ask these following questions from a contractor:

  1. Does he have a valid license?
  2. Do his subcontractors and he has an insurance?
  3. What are the payment modes he considers?
  4. Is it his job to clean the mess after the work is done?
  5. Will he be available throughout the project?

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Hiring A Kitchen Remodeling Designer:

There is a difference between a contractor and a kitchen designer; unlike a contractor, the kitchen designer will not start from the very basic. He will finalize your design, kitchen layout, the material to be used, the tone and style of the kitchen etc. This may sound like an additional cost, however, the designer helps you with the best that is available in the market to give you the kitchen look you want. From cabinets to countertops, nothing will be left unseen or untouched. In the kitchen, nothing should be temporary or third class and to ensure you have top-notch quality, Max Granite countertops can be your feasible solution.

Before finalizing a kitchen designer for yourself, research online about his review and his status in the market. Seek a recommendation from friends and family. Never pick a kitchen designer without:

  • Seeing his past work
  • Knowing his payment terms
  • Understanding the communication mode

Plumbing and Lighting:

Now when your kitchen is ready for a new look, why not take proper care of the plumbing system and the lighting. Plumbing can cause a lot of problem in the later stages if not addressed at the right time. Also, lighting plays a major role in making your kitchen the best in the house. No matter what you do if the lighting is not appropriate then your kitchen will never stand out. Search the market for the latest trends in lighting.

Kitchen remodeling needs your patience, energy, money, and time. But, most of all, it needs a creative mind that makes the space sparkle for the eyes that see it.

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