Aluminum Shutters or Wooden Shutters? Which Ones Are Better?

Last Updated on April 14, 2022 by Kravelv

Shutters, especially in Australia, were the main choice back in the day when glass windows were considered a luxury. They were very useful in keeping the hot sun out to keep the internal temperature nice and cool. Over time, shutters became more than just a normal house staple, as decorative styles and gorgeous new designs took the market by a stormy surprise. Their style was simple that reminded you of colonial southern homes and helped pull everything together.

Shutters may not be necessary but they’re jam-packed with advantages. Shutters not only keep the sun out but they also help regulate the inside environment while keeping all the dust bunnies away. Shutters also help keep your home secure as burglars mostly target houses without any.

Over the years, designs, styles, and materials used to manufacture shutters have changed greatly. The two types that are most commonly used are wooden shutters and aluminum shutters. Aluminum shutters in Sydney have been a cult favorite for years and if you’ve decided to decorate your house and need to choose which ones would best fit your needs then please keep scrolling.

Aluminum Shutters

Plantation shutters are much more than just a fashion or interior decoration trend. Many home owner’s primary concerns before choosing shutters are regarding their ability to provide safety, protection and easy control over light access inside their homes. Their capacity to suit any window style is what makes them a great option for décor.

Moisture Resistant: The biggest advantage you can get with aluminum shutters is that while wooden or timber shutters can easily swell up in areas with moisture, aluminum shutters remain impervious to humidity and dampness. Areas that are near the beach or areas that have a lot of rainfall and suffer from perpetual wet conditions; wooden shutters are a big risk. The aluminum shutter can be washed, sprayed on and hosed down but they will remain as new and fresh as ever without ever-swelling up and causing the shutters to hinder in their closing.

Versatility: Their versatility in design and construction allows them to be the perfect option for indoor as well as outdoor shutters. You can easily have them coated and painted with a thousand different materials and paints to customize them according to the colors and aesthetic of the décor you have in mind.

Durability: Shutters are and should be a long term investment. They shouldn’t be designed to fail in any way and their life expectancy should be good enough. To expect a long life out of these shutters, they’d have to be sturdy and aluminum does just that. If you’re worried about aluminum getting those tiny flecks of rust like you usually see with metals, that’s not going to happen. Aluminum does not corrode in the same way any iron bar does which is why aluminum is the metal of choice when it comes to building submarines or boats. It can withstand strange weather environments especially areas with heavy rainfall can really get proper use out of them. Aluminum, being a metal is also quite hard to break and will retain its shape if subjected to any heavy collision or damage to your windows.

Coating: If aluminum’s durability wasn’t already enough, you can enhance it even more. Aluminum coatings can withstand harsh weather conditions much better and for much longer than any normal aluminum shutters. The coating is a protective barrier that only works to amplify the already present qualities.

Strength: Aluminum is best known for its strength and is the material of choice in many construction projects. Strong shutters will definitely provide you with a sense of security because in case any intruder sets eyes on your house, they will have a hard time bypassing it because breaking or even cutting through an aluminum window shutter is nearly impossible. Even if they possess the right equipment to cut through the shutter, it’s going to take forever and the longer it takes to break into a house, the fewer chances will there be of it getting robbed.

Wooden Shutters

Aesthetics: Wooden shutters are by far the most stylish types of shutters present in the market. It’s like a much-needed facelift but for your house. Wooden shutters pull the whole theme of the house together. No matter how simple your lifestyle and minimal your décor is, your wooden shutters will easily make everything else look just as wonderful. Among these wooden or timber shutters, you can find many different styles too that come in with an altered hue of brown wood as per your wish.

Very Effortlessly Customizable: Having the option to alter things at your own pace and by your own will is what attracts customers the most. Many people who shop for wooden shutters may be perfectly happy with the cut and the design but the color might set them off a bit and vice versa. You can choose to have your wooden shutters repainted easily that will make many people want to stop what they’re doing and admire your beautiful house. This is a great investment and a selling point for your house to get the best offers on the market.

Environmentally Friendly: With the recent developments in the changing course of our climate, more and more people are concerned about the safety of the planet and thoroughly enjoy products that are environmentally friendly. Luckily the wood used in wooden shutters is made from recycled materials.

The Verdict

While wooden shutters take all the praise when it comes to their aesthetics, there’s a bigger disadvantage to them that cannot be easily overlooked. Wooden shutters tend to rot when they’re in an environment with a lot of moisture. The moisture causes the wood to decay which makes it structurally weak too. Aluminum shutters, on the other hand, may not be able to give you a wide variety to choose from when it comes to the design but structural strength, durability, and longevity are the characteristics that you possibly cannot overlook.

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