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A Casement Window Care and Maintenance Guide

Like any other part of your home, your windows will benefit from routine care and maintenance. If you have casement windows, this post is here to guide you through some specific care and maintenance tasks that will let you make the most out of this window style.


Regular cleaning will benefit all kinds of windows, especially in areas where moving parts are located. Generally, all you’ll need is a cleaning solution made of water and a mild detergent but you can also use commercial cleaners. Just make sure you follow product instructions to ensure a thorough clean and prevent damaging your windows. Fortunately, casement windows open all the way out, which can facilitate cleaning. To avoid streaks on window glass, don’t clean when it’s hot out and make sure you rinse your windows completely. To keep hinges clean, you can use a small brush to remove debris.

Regular Inspection

A thorough inspection of your casement windows is needed every season to not only catch damage from the previous one but to prep them for the upcoming season.

During an inspection, your contractor will check for:

Sash Maintenance

If your casement window is not operating properly, you have to pinpoint the source of the problem in the sash. First, see if paint on or the weatherstrip itself is causing the unit to stick. Check to see as well if levers and hinges are free of debris as those can get in the way of proper operation. Last, examine levers or hinges for damage or looseness and have the necessary repairs or replacements carried out.


Rubber seals are in place around casement windows to prevent air and water leaks, as well as to help secure your windows in place. If they are no longer doing their job, seals can be augmented using spray foam insulation or caulk. Just make sure that any product you use is recommended and approved by your window’s manufacturer.

Painting or Staining

In case you find the need to update the color of your casement windows, check your window manufacturer’s guide for painting or staining instructions, as well as warnings and recommendations. Make sure you don’t get anything on the weatherstrip, lock keeper, lock handle and bezel, and hinges so you don’t get them stuck and impede your window’s operation.

The Professional Touch

Casement windows are easy to care for but they will benefit the most from receiving care from a professional. A reputable contractor, after all, knows windows like the back of their hands so they have what it takes to address whatever your casement windows need to stay in shape. If you’re looking into using casements as replacements, you can talk to your local contractor to learn more about what the window style can do for you and your home.


Author Bio:

Jeff Worzala is the Regional Marketing Manager of Renewal by Andersen Cincinnati. He is primarily responsible for developing the company’s marketing strategies and promotional activities but he also contributes to the company blog.


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