Want to Know How to Keep Your Dogs Busy When They’re Alone? Find Out Right Here!

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Have you somewhere to go? Don’t know how to keep your dog distracted from ruining the sofas? Don’t worry anymore! Here are some tips on how to keep your dog busy when they’re alone!

As an owner, you have lots of things to do. Whether it be going to work or attending a party. Either way, you cannot really avoid the situation where you need to leave your dog alone. Of course, the process is always heartbreaking. Especially when they are not used to being left behind.

So, how to keep your dog busy when they are alone? How can you assure yourself that your dog will do whatever you say? Read further into this article to know! Perhaps then your dog won’t be as lonely as they used to be.

What happens when you leave your dog alone?

When you leave your dog alone, many things happen. They could make a mess on the floor, destroy all of your pillows, and even knock over a bookshelf. Those are all things that dog owners know.

However, what is your dog feeling when you leave him alone? What is it that makes him do all these naughty things? This is something that you first must understand.

  • When you say goodbye

When you say your farewells, your dog might not understand it. Perhaps they would mistake it as a praise. Or just another jumble of human words.

  • When you close the door

Even during this time, they are still not convinced that you are truly leaving. They believe that you will come back in a few more minutes. They’d stay near that door wagging their tail.

  • Realization

This is when they realize that you are not going to come back soon. Their stress levels will increase. Their heart rate, respiratory functions, and their stress hormones are going to rise higher than when you are with them.

This is most likely for dogs who are not used to being left alone. One thing is for sure. Your dog being sad and alone would make us feel guilty. Therefore, the best option is to learn how to keep them entertained while alone.

Before you leave, how are you supposed to keep your dog busy? Well, here are a few tips!

The Busy Treat Bucket

There are four things that your dog loves the most. Toys, walks, food, and you. In that order. In this case, they will not be able to have you for their daily walks. Using the basic math, what is there left in the bucket? That is right, food and toys.

The busy treat bucket is a simple way to keep your dog entertained!

Simply get a bucket of your choosing (it doesn’t even have to be a bucket), fill the bottom with a few treats, and then fill it up with all of your dog’s favorite toys! It’s best to go for treats that will keep the pup busy for a long while. Great options include rawhide chews, bully sticks, and even twisters. Giving them something to gnaw on will entertain them for hours. Not only will they be looking for the sweet smell of treats, but they would also come across their toys.

Layer it with a blanket and repeat the process. For every piece of toy and treats, your dog finds, the more they forget about their loneliness!

Keep running until their energy is being drained

If you are into that active life, go for a quick jog with your dog before heading out. This will drain most of the seemingly endless energy that they all have.

Most of the time, the reason why dogs seem so restless is that they have too much energy to spend. If you drain all of their energy before leaving, then the most they would do is take a nap while you’re gone.

They will not miss you as much when they have already had their fill of fun with you.

Allow them to look at the outdoors

If you have a yard, and the weather is great, let them stay outside. This way, they would be able to see more and not get bored. However, if your dog happens to enjoy eating the grass in the yard, and you are asking yourself, “should I let my dog eat grass“, it may be better to avoid trips outdoor till you confirm if your dog is able to eat grass without falling sick.

Of course, there’s also the situation where you don’t have a yard for your dog to play in. There’s the option of opening every curtain. The idea stays. You’ve got to let them see what’s outside of their confinement. Available windows are a must.

Turn one into two

Why not just give your dog a friend to play with? Get another dog for them to befriend. This way, they would not be lonely knowing that there is still someone with them.


Like all dogs, it would take a while for them to adjust to the new friendship. However, when all is well, things would get better.

With their new partner, they wouldn’t get as lonely whether they be outside or inside of their home. They would have each other to play with and each other to trust in. With a partner, they will feel safer being alone in the house.

Hire a dog babysitter


Find someone that you can trust. Someone that has spent time with your dog and that your dog is comfortable being with him around. If that person is free and is willing to take care of your dog when you are away, then go right ahead and ask.

It’s easier to get someone to babysit your dog. This way, you would not have to worry if they are chewing something up or if they are sad and alone. They’ve got someone with them. It might not be you, but at least they won’t be sad.

With a dog babysitter, you would have a person who you know would take care of all of your dog’s needs.

Go Modern

During this day and age, there are a lot of technologies that can help you.

Take the Petcube for example. This is a new pet camera that enables you to interact with your dog live. It uses a two-way audio stream. This way, you know what your dog is doing and they know that you are still there for them.

There are many other technologies other than the Petcube. All you have to do is look for them and they will serve you.

Extra Tips and Advice

  • Let your dog listen to something. Dogs feel more comfortable when there is a little noise. Perhaps turning on the TV or letting them listen to music would do the trick.
  • Always let a toy that they are familiar with be available to them.
  • Leave them with a piece of something that smells like you. Take caution and make sure that it isn’t something that they can rip to shreds.

Eventually, we all have to leave our dogs alone someday. We can’t avoid that. However, we can avoid them feeling miserable and alone. When you leave your dog alone a lot of things happen. They don’t just destroy furniture, they feel much more. Using these tips and advice you can prevent your dog from feeling depressed and stressed.

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