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8 Cheap Ideas for Living in a Brighter and Lighter Home in 2018

Does your home seem darker and colder? Perhaps it’s because of the colored wooden panels, drab and dreary wall paint or heavy curtains. Whichever the reason is, your home could use a touch of light and bright, making it look more calming, lighter and spacious. And if you don’t have as much home improvement budget for next year, there are several low-cost ideas you can apply to making your home look like it gets a lot of sun, the whole year round. You can also try sheds from True Blue Sheds to give a new look to your home.

Paint the Walls White

If your home has always sported a brown, dark gray or blue shade, it’s time to cover those walls up with a fresh layer or two of light-colored paint. Dark colored walls darken the room, and may even affect your overall mood and the home’s value. Paint it with light gray, white or taupe and the room transforms the atmosphere instantly, from dowdy to lively.

Add Brighter Light Fixtures

Those old lamps that give off a yellowish tint make the home sad and unappealing. Switch out old bulbs with new ones featuring white light such as those from LampTwist. Also, inspect if you have enough lighting fixtures to brighten up space. If not, add a chandelier at the dining room, table lamps in workspaces and other lighting fixtures to make your home an even brighter place.

Use Light-Colored Curtains

Dark and dense curtains block heat and light, making the interiors of your home darker than necessary, even at daytime. Specifically, dark-colored curtains at windows facing the sun can hinder natural light from coming in. Ditch those old and dreary curtains and replace them with lighter ones, both in color and fabric. Opt for translucent and sheer material as it allows natural light to enter and spread out inside your home.

Glass and Mirrors

Glass and mirrors reflect light and can make your home look so much brighter. Various reflective surfaces like a glass-surfaced coffee table, decorative wall mirrors, frames, glass lamps and crystal collections on display quickly liven up your home. Fortunately, you wouldn’t even to spend so much to get this effect. Shop around, and you’ll find several glass items and mirrors for less than $30, added dazzle included.

Clean Up

Perhaps your home is laden with dust and dirt, making the windows dull and hazy, thereby preventing natural light from coming in. Even that thin film of dust in your cabinets, curtains and other surfaces can suck the joy out of your home. Vacuum your floors, wash the windows and wipe the dirt out from the walls. You’ll be surprised at how lighter the house can look and feel after a good cleaning.

Prune the Plants

If the plants outside your windows have grown so tall to the point that they’re blocking the sunlight, you’ll need to take the cutters out. Prune and trim the extra branches so that the view from your window is clear from foliage. If you’re thinking of planting trees, avoid the southern area as they won’t be able to provide enough solar warmth during the winter and shade during the summer.

Pick Your Artwork

You may not realize it, but the color of artwork you put in your home can impact the amount of light space receives. A large dark painting on your wall will absorb most the light that’s coming in, so the room appears to be darker. Opt for light-colored artworks to because they bounce off the light, not absorb them. Instead, hang your dark red painting in areas where it’s already bright.

Switch Your Decors and Accessories

There’s nothing much you can do about your dark-colored hardwood floors, but you can always keep the carpet and rugs on the lighter side. You can reupholster your living room couch and pick a lighter hue this time around and switch out frames with dark edges in favor of light-colored ones. You can even replace table runners, table decorations and other home decors to brighten up your home. These are relatively cheap swaps that make huge impacts on the mood of your home.

You can make a brighter home with small investments, some cleaning and a few modifications. These things don’t break the bank, but they’ll certainly light up your home in 2018.


Author Bio:

Robbie Nevens has a unique fascination with lighting, he believes that the room lighting is the center and core of home designs. Robbie works for a home improvement company for the last 20 years. As for Robbie, lampshades and chandeliers were the best furnitures he ever invested at home and never fails to do the trick.


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