Her Little Paradise – Decorating Your Ideal She Shed

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Consider all that women do in a day: work, errands, taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, cooking the meals. It’s exhausting, and you deserve a sanctuary, your own little place under the sun. Still, we can often hear the phrase man cave – a place that men retreat to so they can relax, recover from the day and enjoy the things they want – but, a woman cave?

Unlike the man cave, that phrase isn’t common enough to appear in dictionaries, but the concept exists. Lately, women caves or she sheds have begun to spring up and they are on their way to glory (i.e. to dictionaries). It’s the ideal oasis for women, and here’s how you can decorate yours to be the relaxing place you dream of.

Make It Your Kind of Feminine

Feminine doesn’t mean everything is pink. But it should be a soft place for you to land. Think lots of pillows and blankets for rest and warmth, a rug or pretty curtains, and feminine furniture – soft, fluffy sofas, chairs, and elegant, pretty tables and desks.

Include things that you enjoy: a yoga mat for relaxation, as easel if you’re a talented painter, a guitar if you always wanted to learn how to play, but never had the time. Maybe install hidden speakers to play soft, relaxing music. Add lots of color, whether it’s bright and bold or soft and soothing, whatever you need to find your tranquility.

Let the Sunshine In

Natural light has a ton of benefits: it increases your vitamin D levels, which can help with depression, and also boosts serotonin, which also makes you feel happier and more energetic.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or the seasonal depression that often comes with winter, is caused by lack of sunlight, and affects more women than men. Make sure your she shed uses the natural light to the maximum: don’t just open the curtains or blinds, decorate in a way that makes your room feel brighter. This can also help decrease your electric bill a bit.

Add plants, too, which also benefit from the sunshine. Lots of beautiful flowers and plants will not only soothe you, but they also help purify the air, making your she shed a healthier place to be.

Make It Your Own

She shed should be as unique as the woman it belongs to. Catherine Zeta-Jones has she shed, and hers includes a ballet bar, mirrors, and a sewing machine. Mine, on the other hand, looks more like a Hogwarts dorm room. Decorate your she shed according to your own style so that it’s relaxing to you every time you enter the space.

Get rid of all disturbances. No cell phones, computers or TVs (unless, of course, that’s how you relax). No kids’ toys or dishes, or anything else that reminds you of the rest of your day. Next time you remodel the house, think about isolating your walls. This will cut down on the noise you’ll hear from the rest of the house and may also keep the room warmer. If the remodeling project isn’t planned for the near future, there are cheaper alternatives to isolated walls. You can use sound-blocking curtains and different soft materials, which will absorb the sound.

Remember that this is your sanctuary: install a lock on the door, and use it.

You can also dedicate a part of your woman cave to your hobbies. Whether you like to knit, sew, paint, sculpt, or something else, your she shed is an excellent place to keep your supplies out of small, curious hands. It allows you to leave your projects lying around, too, so that you can dive right back in rather than having to constantly gather up and put away everything you need.

Think Outside the Box

Typical she sheds or woman caves contain the things mentioned above. But, you are no typical woman. You are you, a unique and wonderful person all your own, and your space should reflect that.

If you want to make your space a gym where you can get rid of negative energy or relax doing yoga, go for it. Make it a personal library filled with your favorite books if reading is your passion. Create your own personal spa, with a hot tub, mini fridge filled with fancy wines and delectable treats that you don’t have to share with your family. The point is to make it a place all your own.

She shed should be a tranquil oasis, a break from the world and your busy life. The only real rule is there are no rules. It should be a place that soothes you and makes you happy.


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