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7 Tips To Enhance The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

Homeowners love to make improvements in their living space from time to time. While a makeover for the interiors gets top priority, the exterior tends to be overlooked most of the time. But don’t you think that the curb appeal of your home needs attention as it makes the first impression on any visitor? Of course, it does and there are a lot of easy and inexpensive ways in which you can give it a complete makeover. Here are some useful tips that you can try to enhance the curb appeal of your property effortlessly and instantly.

Get a fresh coat of paint

A nice coat of fresh paint on the exterior of your home can do wonders for it. This is something that you need not spend a fortune on but make sure that you invest in weather-proof paint as it lasts longer. For a new look, you can try a different shade than the one that was there before because it will be more noticeable. Create nice combinations with a light color for the walls and brighter ones on doors and windows to catch the attention.

Light up the exteriors

Probably, you may have spent deftly on the lighting inside the home but settled for the plain old bulb outside. Now is the time to pay more attention to the exterior with soft lighting that gives it an inviting appearance and highlights the landscaping as well. Solar lights make a good option for the paths and sidewalks as they are eco-friendly and do not create mess with cords and extensions. Pick a decorative one for the front door as you would want to impress the guests.

Plant some blooms

Another simple and pocket-friendly way to lift the curb appeal of your living space is to plant some pretty blooms in your garden. Check out a nursery to find the flowers in season and pick a few for your garden. A beautiful garden is something that every homeowner wants to have. So you should go ahead and put in some extra efforts to cover some empty spots with new plants. Take care of the existing ones as well. Make sure that the garden has a good grass cover and there are no weeds. A few trees can add to the beauty of the property.

Install a walkway and a patio

A nice little walkway and a patio on your property can create an old-world charm for it. Alan Lander from Hydro Dynamics says that installing walkways and patios is a great way to improve the outside of your home. It may cost some money but promises to be a worthy investment for beautifying your place. A nice little sitting area is a blessing if you love spending time out in the evenings with your family or want to welcome guests outdoors.

Edge the driveway

Edging the driveway is another good idea because it gives the place a crisp and elegant look without having to spend a lot. You can opt for materials like stone, bricks and pavers or combine them creatively to create an eye-catching color and texture for the area. While you can try it as a DIY project, it is always better to hire a professional to do a lasting job.

Install new garage doors

While you may do a lot of work for the garden and front door, the garage often goes unattended. However, you should give it a fresh, new look as well if you want the entire place to look good. Installing a new garage door in a bright color can be an instant mood-booster as you drive in every evening. And it will definitely fetch you a few compliments from your visitors for an impressive color choice.

Work on details

Although you may have covered all the major changes for your home exterior, details matter too. Look for small changes such as replacing the nameplate, getting a new letter box or opting for vintage door handles and porch ceiling. Even small changes can make a big difference for the curb appeal of your home because people tend to notice details as much as they notice the bigger improvements.

So if you have already revamped the interiors of your living space and want an all new look for the exterior as well, these handy tips will definitely help. The best part is that you can manage most of them on your own. Even if you do need to take professional help, these do not involve any exorbitant expenditure.

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