Top 5 Reasons That You Should Get Your Roof Repaired

Last Updated on April 11, 2022 by Kravelv

Houses are not just bricks and mortar. For a comfortable living and cozy homely atmosphere, various auxiliary fittings and inclusions are incorporated in a house. And none of these elements can survive if there’s no roof. The roof is necessary to keep you safe from the effects of weather and preserve the mini-biome that you create inside your home.

The most vulnerable part of a house is inarguably the roof. The tough conditions and rough weather, borne by the roof are significantly sufficient to damage it within a few months or years. Roof repairs by is a good source of information regarding any roofing related changes you wish to make to your property. To have a better understanding of what can damage your roof, let’s take a look at the most common reasons for roof repairs:

1. Missing Shingles

In most parts of the world, a slanted roof is preferred to facilitate the easy flow of water, snow, or debris. The easiest way to build a slanted roof is by using shingles. Shingles are easily replaceable in case they are broken or missing. Strong winds, heavy rainfall, hailstorms, and other climatic agents can easily damage or take away shingles from your roof. Making your home vulnerable in parts where the shingles are missing or broken. These parts may let in water, dust, air, and insects even. This makes your home unhealthy for sustainable living. If your roof has missing shingles, you should get it fixed in time. These are easy to install and cheap to buy. You don’t necessarily need to hire any professional for shingles repair.

2. Seeping Water

Seeping water from the roof can be for many reasons. There can be cracks or holes in the roof. Missing shingles is also one of the reasons for leaking roofs. In some cases, mold formation or stagnant water can also cause the roof to leak. Over time, sunlight and changing weather conditions cause the sealants in a place to crack. Keeping a regular check on these can help identify and prevent leakage in time. For a complete check on the condition of your roof, you can seek help from professionals like Proformance Roofs ( Another important point where the water can seep in from is the ridgeline where the two slopes meet. This ridgeline is to be kept sealed at all times and any leakage from this point can cause the whole roof to break apart.

3. Debris Built-up

Debris like broken twigs and stems of trees, leaves, dirt, and sludge can settle between grooves and absorb water. Once, this debris absorbs water, it becomes heavier. This can seriously damage your roof structure and may even cause a disastrous incident. Another problem that this debris can cause is seeping in of water from the roof. In any case, debris is not good for the roof. You should clear your roof of the debris every week. Shearing off the protruding stems of trees over the roof can solve the problem to some extent.

4. Natural Aging Process

Everything, natural or man-made has a lifespan. Roofs are no different. Roofs also undergo a natural aging process. With time and tide, the weather, sunlight, water, snow, temperature, and organic interactions roofs deteriorate. The age of a roof can be estimated by observing the cracks and plaster conditions of the roof. The older the roof is, the more it will have cracks. Usually, every ten years, the roofs demand repairs and maintenance. Keeping a regular check on roof maintenance can help you avoid any accidents. And you can continue living in your sweet home as long as you wish to.

5. Renovation Or Revision Of The Value

Seldom, people get their roof repaired or revamped just to make their house look modern or increase its value. Typically a roof repair or renovation would cost around 4-5 USD per square feet of area. The price can vary depending upon the materials used, the type of roof installed, and the expertise of the roofer. Considering these factors, a typical area of 1500 Square yards would cost you around 4000-5000 USD and accordingly, the overall value of the house would increase. For a better-maintained roof, the seller (which could be you) can demand a higher price from the buyer.

The reason could be any, but the essential summary is to take care of the roof in order to maintain your house. Now that you know what can possibly damage your roof, it would be wiser to keep a continual check on the roof and its condition. Or otherwise, you already know what could possibly go wrong and how you would suffer.

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