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7 Things to Consider While Adding a Second Storey to Your Home

You have probably spent many years living in your own house and are now finally thinking that you want some additional space to accommodate a growing family. Or you could just simply want extra space for yourself. In such cases, most people end up opting for a house remodeling plan that will add a second storey to their current living space. However, adding a second storey in your house is not the easiest of renovations to go through, so there are several factors that we have mentioned below that you must consider when you are about to begin with, this project.

The Cost

Now adding a second layer to your house can be pretty expensive. Still, it is also comparatively cheaper and cost-effective as compared to constructing additional spaces alongside your current house structure.  When it comes to the roof construction, it would be better to lift the entire roof off with a crane and then reattaching it again over the new storey. It would be more expensive for you if you had not used the crane and instead planned to make a brand new roof.

Furthermore, foundation work can be pretty costly. But since adding a second story means you will build more space on top of an already existing foundation, it can lower the digits of your costs.

Finding the right builder

For second storey additions, it is crucial to find the right builder for the job. You are adding a block on top of your house, so professional help is somewhat mandatory.

Make sure that you meet up with more than one builder. Second storey construction costs can vary from builder to builder as well, so it is best to meet as many as you can to get some of the best deals they have to offer. Check to see if they are registered and get several quotes in writing as well. You will have to make sure that you both are on the same page and can work well together. These projects can take time, so ask them about the estimated time it will take for the construction and then get to know their schedule timing to see how much time they will put into this plan.

Lastly, check out some of their previous work locations so that you can gauge their expertise through your judgment and have a clear idea of how well they can work. If the meetings go smoothly and you feel satisfied with their skills, go ahead and give them the ok.

Height Restrictions

Before you start planning out the design for your new additional story space, you will have to make sure that it is not going to break your height restrictions. Every house has certain restrictions placed on it, such as the height limit and particular design code. You can ask your neighbors who have already had a second storey added to their house, but you should check in with your local council.

Abiding by the law and getting their approval is essential. If you are living in areas where natural disasters such as floods and cyclones are an often occurrence, gaining the support of the local council can be difficult. Thus, it is better to ask them than to have your second storey built only to have it broken down for not abiding by the local zone regulations.

Examining Foundation

Now we have already mentioned that you have the benefit of extra square footage when adding the additional storey on your current foundation. Plus having to spend less money making another one as well. But these benefits are only possible depending on the condition of your existing house structure.

It is vital to have a builder examine your house foundation. If it is strong enough, it will be able to support the second storey. But if it is not, you can either not go with the plan or have to pay extra to strengthen the structure of the foundation.

Design Beforehand

Adding a block over your house would not look very appealing, especially if you have not designed out the proportion out correctly.

If your second storey ends up looking different from your ground-level house, it can stand out like a sour thumb. You should make the design of both the spaces in coordination. Avoid overdoing. Instead, try using overhangs or roof pitches to blend it right in with the lower house areas. Make sure that the doors and windows match each other so that your exterior wall does not collide with the overall architectural design of your house.

Clean Out

When it is time to start the remodeling project, the first thing your builders are going to do is to take off the top part of your house, which means they will thoroughly remove the roof.

That will expose your attic to all kinds of unpleasant exposure of dirt and debris, so you will need to clean out your entire attic so that it is not exposed to harm during the construction. You will either have to put all the attic items in one of your rooms, give it out to donate, or rent a storage unit where you can temporarily store all your questions till the renovation are complete.

Living Conditions During Construction

Adding second storeys to houses can often take up to several weeks. This entire procedure causes a disturbance to the ones already residing inside the house.

Depending on how big you plan to make the second storey, you will most likely be restricted to one room the entire time, which is not exactly the ideal way to deal with the situation. That is why you should have a backup plan- ensure that you have an alternate space to live while your house is undergoing construction.


From planning to construction, adding a second storey to your house is a tough project. So take it easy, plan properly, do not hesitate to ask questions, and finally go forward with the project when you trust your builders to get the job done right. We wish you a happy renovation!

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