Five easy landscaping ideas for your garden

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Landscaping is not just about aesthetics but functionality as well. That’s why when you have the opportunity to work on garden space; you need to invest some time and attention in working out the plan before you start. Here are some tips that could help you create a stunning garden space.

1) Focus on needs

First, identify what the garden space is going to be used for. Will it have a vegetable patch? Is it going to have flower beds? Can trees be planted later? Is there a need to leave space for a picnic table?? List out all the things that the garden may be used for so that you know what you are designing for.

2) Location matters

You don’t want to plan for delicate shrubs and plants to be right in the middle of the sunniest spot of the garden. You don’t want to set up a barbeque place where it can’t be protected against the wind. Observe the space and make notes on which is the ideal location for each feature.

3) Make room for additions

Needs change with time, and that’s why you have to allow some leeway to tweak the landscaping around in the future. For example, a couple may need a private, cozy space in the garden, but if the family expands, the garden may become the ideal place for a swing set or a couple of other play equipment. Don’t go for a very rigid design plan that is impossible to work around later.

4) A stunning feature

Design a stunning central piece de rĂ©sistance that takes the garden from a regular ‘nice’ place to a work of art. Maybe add a fountain or a sculpture or a very unique, exotic tree or plant, but no matter what, make sure it is eye-catching. Design the rest of the garden space so that it is aligned with this centerpiece and conforms to it in terms of visual uniformity.

5) Avoid clutter

Too much going on the garden too close can mar the entire look of the area. Space out the features and plants so that you have the impression of a nice, open space to meander around. Add a flagstone pathway to include an old-world charm to the garden while creating enough space between the foliage.

Hiring a landscaper for your garden? Here is what you should know

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Make sure the landscaping firm has a comprehensive professional liability cover or errors and omission insurance to protect the business from client litigations. In the event of a dissatisfied client filing a lawsuit against them for negligent service, delayed service, faulty service, or any other claim, this insurance kicks in and covers the cost of fighting the lawsuit in court. This ensures that the landscaper you have hired does not shut shop suddenly because the business has been unable to bear the expense of litigation.

With a sound professional liability insurance cover backing their business, the attorney fees, court costs, damages/ settlement amount are all covered so the business can sail through a court proceeding without folding up and leaving you and other clients in the lurch. Check this website to learn more about what does professional liability cover and why it is essential for a business.