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7 Home Decor Improvements You Can Do In Just One Hour

The clock is ticking! Is it that you are late, or there is not much time left! The difference an hour makes in our life can be comprehended from the changing of timepieces. We all love to sleep, but if we try to coordinate it between our daily schedule and utilize it to decorate our home interiors, then why not? These 7 Home decor improvements ideas aiding to these not only help you to redesign your heavenly abode but then also caters as a big stress buster.

Aesthetic artwork

By several interior décor gurus, the decent height of placing any artwork should not be less than 57 to 58 inches, from the ground. It is the golden height, as used in various beautiful art galleries and museums. Isn’t it interesting? It is the average level of the human eye and hanging your artwork at this said height proven to be more aesthetically agreeable for view.

The old chair turned new

Rather than shedding away with your old chair, spray them into a more pastel colour, like off-white or beige! Otherwise, you can turn it upside down, and sprinkle it with two colours, in contrast, shades. Try using copper with off-white, or experiment with rose gold tint with a copper one! Accustom them with graphic printed or tribal printed cushion covers.

Lights on!

How much effort you put in to turn your heavenly abode into an attractive one, and dull lighting can transform it to be too suffocating. Invest in a new light bulb, and place them in such a manner that it should not be having a harsh effect on anyone’s eyes. Think over the purpose of lighting the rooms, the perfect mood, as well as your desire for making it a place with casual or warm tones.

Facelifted bedstead

Your bedstead stances as an essential part of your day-to-day life. So, metaphorically speaking, try putting aside an hour from your busy schedule to transform it into a luxurious one, similar to the boutique hotels. Thus, trying picking up your bed frame and make a handsome use of perfumes, like lavender. It is a proven fact that lavender helps in improving one’s sleep quality. Try scenting the bedsheets by adding a quarter cup of aromatic bath salts, during its final rinse. If you are an avid reader, place a reading light in such a height, that it can be easily accessible, while you plan to read before sleeping.  Try placing a printed comforter along the foot of your bedstead, rather than placing a table runner!

Super utility bathroom storage

Why throw away with all the good old wooden crates? Try transforming the walls of your bathroom into a super-utility one! To keep your stash of toilet rolls, this can be an excellent idea. Take out some extra time to put some detailing on it. You could even consider painting it muted black, to give it an exclusive and trendy look!

Well-organised jewelry stand

We all like buying trinkets and other small knick-knacks from our nearby thrift shops? Plan for double-duty colourful jewellery stands to keep your collectibles safe and organised. This way, your thrift shop accessories will get a well-organised storage place.

Hanging hammock

If you plan to dedicate some me-time to yourself, or in a mood to shift your reading base, try hanging your favorite colorful hammock or a swing by enfolding that chunky metallic chain with a cord.  It will not only make the same more attractive but also will help your fingers from getting strained!

If the renovation of your home makes you nervous or stressful, then stop and take a deep breath. After going over the above mentioned 7 home décor improvement tips, you can pat yourself, for sure!

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