7 Great Benefits of Installing Roller Style Shutters for your Home

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Roller style shutters are typically found in business establishments. They are quite popular among store owners for the level of security they provide. But do you know that you can also use them for your home? Roller style shutters are ideal for protecting your family and the contents of your home from burglaries.

It is worth noting that roller shutters can be used on a wide variety of applications. Business owners can have them installed as doors for their garage, warehouse, establishment or even their delivery vans and trucks. While security is the number one reason why people use roller shutters, they also offer several lifestyle and financial benefits even for residential use. Below are seven of the great advantages of installing roller style shutters for your home.

1. Added Security to your Home

These days, it has become essential for homeowners to think about their house’s overall security. The Australian Institute of Criminology recorded that around 70 percent of homicides occur in houses. It is also alarming to know that the highest rates of burglary were recorded in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Indeed, it has been important for us to upgrade our security system.

You will be delighted to know that roller style shutters have been proven to be effective in deterring potential theft. Sometimes, having them installed is enough to discourage thieves from targeting your home. Since it is quite difficult to take them down, burglars will just walk away and look for other places with vulnerable entry points.

2. Efficient Sun Shade and Heat Protector

During summers, the intensity of the heat can be quite strong. A lot of people believe that it is enough to mount curtains or blinds to keep the interior of their home cool. They neglect to acknowledge that the glass can absorb the heat and pass it on to the curtains or blinds.

When you install roller style shutters to your windows, you can install a buffer for the heat and at the same time, you can protect yourself and your family from the harmful UV rays. Roller shutters are efficient heat absorbers, allowing you to keep your home cooler by 50 percent. They are also great for stopping the heat from escaping your house during cold seasons. Since you’re lowering your air conditioning or heater usage, you are also cutting down your electricity costs.

3. Convenient Natural Light, Noise and Visual Blocker

Installing roller style shutters on your windows also allows you to gain better control over how much natural light you want inside your home. You can brighten your space by rolling them up and you can dim the lights by rolling them down.

Roller shutters also function as an effective visual blocker, allowing you to gain more privacy inside your home. They are essential for windows on street level. Having them mounted on your windows keep the peering eyes from watching you inside your home.

The other excellent quality of roller shutters is their noise blocking feature. The noise can be quite annoying especially when you live along a busy street. If you want a more peaceful and quiet living space, you can install roller style shutters and reduce the noise coming from the streets. It is worth noting that you can lower the level of exterior noise by 50 percent with the help of roller shutters.

4. Reliable Protection from Storm Damage

When storms get fierce, the powerful winds can shatter your windows. Once your windows are smashed, the winds can bring inside an upward pressure that may send your roof flying. Once your home is compromised, the worst case scenario would be your walls collapsing.

With the forceful winds breaking your windows, water will start coming inside your home. Keep in mind that even an inch of flood water in your house can cause hundreds’ worth of damages. This scenario is possible because forceful winds during hurricanes can drive a rock or any hard object at over 155mph. So, don’t forget to protect your windows from storm damage by having roller shutters fitted to them even before the rainy season begins.

5. Protection for Houses in Bush Fire Zones

There are many bushfire zones in Western Australia, and if you live in one of those, you should seriously consider mounting roller style shutters on your windows. It is essential for you to take preventative measures to ensure that your home and its contents have the ideal protection in the event of a bush fire.

Glass windows are still quite vulnerable even when you are a kilometre away from the fire. The radiant heat can be carried by the wind and can potentially break your windows. You can only get basic protection from the fire with regular windows. Even double glazing your windows would not be enough to keep it from shattering amidst the heat. Once your windows are shattered, the flying embers can come inside your home and set your curtains or furniture on fire.

It is true that roller style shutters are not completely resistant to fire. However, if you install properly rated shutters, you can already get a good protection for your glass windows. Roll down your shutters and it will absorb the heat, as well as keep the embers from flying into your home.

6. Reduce Your Insurance Premium

Insurance companies also consider investments on security when evaluating the cost of an insurance premium. Since roller style shutters are good burglary deterrents, they provide ample security for any home. As such, your insurance company may consider your home as less of a risk. Therefore, you can potentially lower your premium. So, make sure you ask your insurance company whether they have offers like this.

7. Aesthetically Pleasing Home

One of the great things about roller shutters is the fact that they come in different colours, designs and styles. When you install them onto your windows, you can also improve the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. In this way, you won’t have a hard time searching for a good buyer once you put your property on the market.

Just by skimming through the list, you can learn that the benefits of roller style shutters go beyond providing security. Just make sure you search for a reliable supplier and you are sure to enjoy the lifestyle, security and financial benefits mentioned in this article.

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  1. I liked the perspective you provided how roller shutters can be effective crime deterrents. My wife and I have been looking at getting roller shutters to help make our home more efficient. Knowing that they can also help make our home safer makes me feel that much more willing to have them installed as soon as possible.

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