How to Repair a Damaged Roof?

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Roofs get damaged because of environmental changes and low quality of materials. The need of repairing the damaged roof increases when the roof gives dangerous signs for house member. Therefore, a household must use an effective strategy of repairing the roof. Here is a guide about repairing 3 different kinds of asphalt-shingle repairs.

Fixing Damaged Roof Shingles:

The first step of recognizing the shingle is looking for signs of water seeping underside of shingles. If you have wooden roof then you may look for rotten wood. Ignoring the problem would turn into a high expense of reroofing your house. Slipping a flat pry bar of shingle under the torn shingle is the appropriate task you should do. First, cut the pry bar according to the size of shingle that needs to be placed under the damaged shingle. Place the shingle under the area and then press it down for creating a pop out of the nails attached with the existing shingle. Attach the shingle with roofing nails carefully. Do not pressurize it much as it could turn into damage. Once you are satisfied with structure then turn for the next area.

Swap Shingles for Repair:

Repairing could is an easy option if you would use the step of swapping the shingles. Deadly winds can blow roof shingles and your roof can miss a number of shingles with the passage of time. If you have detected that your roof shingles are missing then you have to replace it. If a small part of one shingle is missing then you have to replace the entire shingle. You can use leftover shingles that you bought when you built your house. You can also buy the shingle from a market with a cost of $20. Find out the perfect match of shingle and then replace it accordingly. Use a medium sized hammer and a flat pry bar for replacing shingle. You also would require a utility knife and roofing nails of 11/4 inch size. Pry off all the nails that are attached to half missing the part with the help of the knife. Use four nails for securing the shingle and work on all the replace shingle in the same way. The nails should go through the top border of the shingle and course below for a more secure structure. Align the shingle in one same direction as they were structured earlier.

Fix Curled Corners:

The corners of shingles once they get old after a long period. Curled corners also show that your shingles are not the real position and you need to repair them. You can work on the curved corners of shingle by lifting the upper shingles and then securing the new shingles with the help of medium sized roofing nails. You can also use the caulking gun for applying roof sealant. Weight the shingles with the brick for 20-24 hours and then see whether it comes in the right position or not.

Repair Cracked Shingles:

Repairing cracked shingles is a good option if you do not want to spend extra money on buying and replacing shingles. Apply roofing sealant under cracked shingles with the putty knife. Now gather some colored granolas and spread it over the shingle for covering it. It would give it a more usual look.

Repairing roof is the easy task only if you follow all the steps carefully. Investing the type of damage is also a challenging task as it makes repairing of shingles easier. You can complete your project within a few hours with the right approach of repairing shingles with different steps. If your roof is damaged and beyond repair then, in that case, you really need to contact professional Roofing contractors in Northville Michigan for a professional advice.

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