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5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Theft

We all know what to do when our homes are broken into; we either call the police or dial 911. But there are a lot of things that you can do to decrease the chances of burglary into your humble abode. A lot of people think that break-ins happen during nighttime but the latest statistics show that they’re actually more rampant during the daytime.

Daylight hours are when most people are at work, school, or running errands going on about their day. It is important to take precaution during these hours. You should never be complacent about your belongings even if you claim to live in a safe neighborhood. In today’s world, being wise and securing your home 24/7 should never be optional.

Here are 5 ways to protect your home from theft:

1. Install Surveillance Systems

CCTV cameras, motion detectors, sensors, and much more are valuable devices for your home’s safety, both inside and outside. However, before you make a purchase, you must first scout your home and find its weak spots. Select the features that best fit your needs and be sure to go with a brand that you trust. Once installed, make it a regular habit to check your security system because burglars know that this responsibility is often neglected. They may not be deterred by yard sign warnings anymore and might even try to destroy your surveillance systems.

2. Guard your Property

The last thing that you want is to make it easier for thieves to hide in your property or enter it. You can install motion sensor lighting in your front yard, especially at entrances; trim tall bushes and grasses or build a fence around your property. These options are an excellent way to keep unwanted visitors off. Build solid fences not only for these reasons, but also for privacy and noise reduction. You can also have them in pointed tops or rough barbed wire fencing.

3. Reinforce Doors & Windows

This one may seem like an obvious step but most homeowners tend to overlook the vulnerability of these house parts. Burglars will often break a small window or destroy doorknobs to gain entry. You can put safety glass or metal bars in the window. You can also opt for deadbolts or alarm systems to immediately notify you of a break-in.

4. Secure Valuables in a Safety Box

Store your valuable items and documents in a lockbox for safekeeping. If it is small and not mounted, consider it having bolted on the floor. If you don’t, you are doing the burglars a favor because they can simply take it with them. If it has a passcode, only give it to a trusted loved one in case of an emergency. If you own firearms, it is advisable to install a closet gun safe to keep them properly secured.

5. Secure Your Car

Not only do you need to take care of what’s inside of your property, you should also make sure that your car is secured. If you park on the street, make sure it is placed in a well-lit area. Always roll up your windows and lock the car before leaving it. You can also install GPS trackers in your automobile, so, if someone steals it, its whereabouts can still be traced.

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