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5 Ways to Optimize Your Closet Space

Anyone who owns too many clothes would tell you what a nightmare a small closet space would be. Unfortunately, as with many budget-friendly condos and many other condos such as park central towers, you do not really have much of a choice when it comes to this aspect and to our annoyance, this could be the primary cause of a home’s state of disarray and disorganization. Fortunately, with a few nifty tricks and some creative ideas, you can maximize your limited closet space and even have extra room in order for it to reach its full capacity.

From small stealth storage secrets to smart clothes-hanging strategies, this article has all the solutions to your small closet woes.

1.)    Throw out clothes that no longer fit

Undoubtedly, some of us are guilty of holding on to clothes that no longer fit in the hopes that when we lose enough weight, we would be able to wear them again. However, holding on to these clothes that no longer fit would deter you from buying clothes that do fit as there would be no space for them.

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No matter how much you try to convince yourself that you would eventually be able to lose weight and wear those clothes again, the fact remains that you do not change a size overnight. If you do have diet plans and are certain, they would fit you again someday, store them elsewhere and just put them back in your closet after reaching your goals.

2.)    Utilize the floor space

Part of the reason why people with small closets think they have small space is because they neglect to factor in the floor space. Similarly, people with long-hanging clothes fail to see the bottom of the closet and would render it as a no man’s land. To address this dilemma, group your short-hanging pieces in one area and your longer-hanging clothes at the other to open up a lot of floor space which you can utilize for shoe racks or little dressers.

3.)    Remove the clutter

Clutter, wherever situated, would always occupy valuable space. Considering this to be the case, you should purge your closet from the unnecessary clutter that extends beyond clothes, shoes, and accessories. This means you have to remove the plastic coverings that would sometimes go with your dry cleaning, opt for wooden hangers and remove excessive amounts of empty ones. Clear your closet of needless clutter and you will be surprised to see just how much space you do have.

4.)    Make use of the upper shelf

Stacking storage bins on the top shelf might give you more space, but shelf dividers achieve roughly the same effect with a more organized and cleaner look. Additionally, it is more visually appealing and would make clothes and accessories easier to see and more convenient to grab. Use these to separate stacks of folded clothing and prevent them from topping into each other and creating a big mess.

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5.)    Use the doors

One ingenious way to optimize closet space is to make use of the closet doors. Attach hooks to store handbags, belts, pajamas, scarves and much more on the insides of your closet door. Alternatively, you can line it with corkboard and use several pushpins to serve as hangers for your jewelry. Never neglect to get creative with spaces that are hardly used to maximize closet space.


Author Bio:

Mark Justine De Mesa is a Filipino blogger and freelance writer. He is currently writing and blogging about Park Central Towers, a real estate company in the Philippines.


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