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5 Cool ideas that will help you enjoy bedroom even more

Unless you are a part of a larger family, you are probably spending majority of your time in the bedroom. Nowadays, this is especially common with increased popularity of laptops and mobile devices. Instead of having to go to the living room and watch the TV, you will likely find some entertainment while lying in the bed.

Because of this, we can easily say that the bedrooms are more important now than they ever were. In terms of the design and functionality, you should properly address them so that you can spend majority of your day in a blissed comfort.

Check out some of the ideas which will help you with that.

Bedroom mirror

Some people think that you don’t need a mirror in your bedroom. False.

With a bedroom mirror, it is much easier to put a makeup. This is especially true if you purchase a Hollywood mirror. As a professional makeup mirror, Hollywood mirror gives you perfect lighting that covers all the angles of your face.

It is an often overlooked item that can make your life so much easier. Furthermore, it allows you to sit while dressing up which is another cool advantage.

Add a settee or an armchair

People who spend a lot of time in their bedroom oftentimes become complacent. They get used to an idea of spending time in bed. Although it is great for resting, it can become boring. So, why don’t you use an armchair or a settee?

Having a comfy chair is a great to break the monotony. It can also provide a much needed change of ambient. Even though you will still remain in the same room, it will have a great positive effect on your mind.

Sunny side up

Most people do not think about this but the direction your bed is facing is very important.

For example, if the windows in your bedroom are parallel to your bed, you won’t have the benefit of looking outside. This is especially important if you are on the sunny side. Although you shouldn’t be fully exposed to the sunlight, the light can be very beneficial helping you relax.

So, make sure to rotate your bed so you can see through the windows.

Fully covered floor

Here is another idea that most people do not consider: fully covering your floor.

Now, truth be told, carpets can be really hard to maintain (especially the big ones). However, the big benefit of having a big carpet is the fact you can always be barefooted. It allows you to walk around without socks even during the winter months. It is another great trick that will make you enjoy your bedroom that much more.

Small notice: can be troublesome if you have a pet.

Think about the paint

It is a common knowledge that colors can have a positive effect on your brain.

Besides the fact that you can paint your walls in a certain manner, you can also decorate them. Given that our eyes are noticing colors and patterns with peripheral sight, it is very important to have nice designs surrounding you. Painting walls in soothing colors is great; creating wall paintings is even better.

Next time you decide to redo your walls, think about investing a bit more and creating a full experience.


We often consider things that are nice looking. Unfortunately, we rarely think about functionality and mental effect of these modifications. Relaxation factor is very important especially if you’re spending the majority of your day in one room. In that case, even the smallest modifications can represent an issue (or a benefit).

Try implementing some of these tips, see if they help you out. In the end, it is all about feeling good while at home.


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Nick Stoyanov is a content strategist for – a family-run business, established in 2005 by a mother and son team. The company is based in the United Kingdom and sells mirrors with lights online. If you want to bring the glamour to your home is your place.


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