Why 3D Flooring Should Be More Popular in Homes

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Flooring is a vital part of your house’ interior design. If it is beautiful, appropriate and durable, then your house, on the whole, is all those things too. In recent years, 3D flooring has burst onto the scene and considering what it brings to the table, or should we say floor, it needs to be more popular in homes. Let’s find out why 3D flooring should be more popular and what kind of designs are available in the market for domestic use.

Among the many types of flooring designs you can choose from – for your home, office, school, or some other place – you opt for the tried & tested most of the time. The familiar options like vinyl, laminate, carpets, and hardwood flooring are definitely the most commonly used because, a) people know their benefits, and b) they are widely available.

How Is 3D Flooring Awesome?

However, when you get a 3D floor design, your floor tells a story in the form of very real looking 3D images that are not only beautiful but also constitute a floor that is strong, robust and resistant to moisture.

3D flooring has been around for a while now; hotels, boutiques, shopping malls, play lands and amusement parks have been using them for quite a while as they interest children and create a different exotic atmosphere.

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3D floors are a well-rounded option for your home with a variety of advantages. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of having a 3D floor in your house.

  • Loved by children

One of best places for 3D floors are children’s rooms and play areas. Children would absolutely love to see their favorite cartoons, animals or scenery emanating out of the floor of their rooms or bathrooms. As a child, if you could see a dolphin playing under water while you were taking a bath, you also would have been totally up for such an experience.

  • Resists moisture

One of the reasons 3D flooring is suggested to be applied on the bathrooms is because of the fact that the sheets or tiles made of vinyl and other materials are very resistant to moisture. You can drop buckets of water on the floor and as long as it is dried within a reasonable time period, no damage will be inflicted to the floor.

  • Lasts for more than a decade

With proper care and maintenance, the 3D flooring can go for 15 years without losing its color and beauty. Though its use has been fairly rare in homes compared to hotels or boutiques, there is enough evidence to support the claim that good quality 3D floors can easily last a decade or more.

  • Improves the appearance of house

One of the main benefits of 3D flooring is the fact that it is unique. All the other flooring options are plain and simple, whereas 3D flooring brings a variety of colors to the floor and livens it up. With the help of the new technology, you can also extend the 3D design to the walls giving you a completely immersive experience.

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What Kind of 3D Flooring Designs Are Available?

As artists are getting more skillful with each passing day and technology aiding them in every possible way, here are few of the more popular 3D flooring designs that you can get for your house.

  • Ocean – pictures of dolphins and other sea creatures or simply just a barrage of waves.
  • Island – set up your floor and the walls the give the room an island-like
  • Jungle – trees, animals and streams, and the muddy/grassy grounds.
  • Space – for people who love the outer space, stars, planets, and the vast nothingness among everything else from space.
  • Underwater – the most colorful places in the entire world full of rarely seen creatures, bring them to your homes
  • Desert – they have a certain beauty and calm to them, especially if they are 3D looking images
  • Metropolitan – if like a metropolis and skyscrapers, bring them to your rooms
  • Abstract designs – any kinds of designs and illusions can be created for your 3D floor art, you can also have them created by an artist according to your wishes.

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