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3 Ideas to Make a Small Home Look Bigger

Homeowners usually lament the lack of space when decorating a house and especially when you want to move out and sell. Valuing a home will depend on the size. Thus, we at Certified Property Valuers Sydney | No. 1 Property Valuation Co. are here to offer you great tips on how to make your home look bigger to get the best valuation.

Without much ado, here are the three top ideas to transform your small home look larger;

1. Take out the clutter

The most common thing that reduces the amount of space in a room has too much unnecessary stuff. You should, thus, take the time to figure out the importance of each piece of item in your home.

You should note that in a small space, everything counts. Thus, you can go big and have a few large but straightforward accessories in place of several small pieces that make feel the room stuffed.

Work out ways that will get unnecessary things out of the way. The idea is, having fewer items in rooms as possible to open the room.

For instance, you can organize collections behind doors or under the table skirts or place them on shelves.

With that, the spaces and rooms are sure to feel open and large.

2. Coordinate wall and furniture colours

Uniform colour gives the feel and impression of continuity. Unlike contrasting colours that tend to break up the room, even making it feel smaller than it is.

It is also essential that you choose soft light hues. Light colours have the fantastic feature of making a room feel open, spacious, and airy. Soft tones of blue and green come into mind.

Choosing the best pieces of furniture that blend in with wall colour gives the illusion of a larger room. Pick your favourite colour and match it with the same colour of the painting.

If you don’t want to get into a tedious paint job, then a wallpaper that matches your sofa is a great idea.

Having at least two sizeable standalone mirror frames also enhances the illusion that the room space is more extensive. They promote the continuity of uniform colour in the room and also bring a room-enlarging effect. The mirrors also add more style to your home.

3. Let in the light in your rooms

If your home doesn’t let in enough light in the places, you will likely feel enclosed. Light is a vital ingredient if you want to create an illusion of a much larger room.

Utilize glass, mirrors, and Lucite where possible to allow in more light. For instance, in the bathroom, you can do away with the opaque glass and replace it with a clear and frameless one. The room will sure appear bigger, yet the size hasn’t changed.

Mirrors and glasses also reflect and refract both artificial and natural lights, making a place brighter even during the night.

Get rid of heavy draperies and curtains and let in the natural light from the outdoors. You can use sheer window coverings to allow in light. You can also decide to pull them back wholly to have even more light in the room.

If the outside view is unpleasant, be unique, and put plants or flowers near the windows.

If you are in a space that doesn’t have enough clear windows, then you can bring in artificial lights to brighten up the room.

There you have it. If you are valuing your home, you can use the above tips to make your home look larger. You are sure to get the same valuation as a more substantial home because of your creativity.

Your home will also feel stylish, elegant, and orderly whenever you have visitors in your house.

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