3 Best Interior Cladding Options

Last Updated on March 30, 2022 by Kravelv

Cladding is one of the most effective ways to revitalize your home. A good cladding system will minimize your maintenance time and costs. It can also restore the value of your home and help to keep you warm in winter or cool in summer.

There really is no reason not to add cladding to your home! But, there are many different types of cladding. It is advisable to speak to a specialist such as peterbracey.com.au before deciding which of these 3 best interior cladding option are right for you.

Here are the best 3 interior cladding options:


You’ve already come across timber cladding without realizing it. In fact it has been one of the most popular options for many homes over the years.

In the past this was simply strips of pine engineered to be merged together through a tongue and groove system.

The interlocking system may remain similar but the choice of material is now radically different.

You can choose to use a plain wood and then paint it the color of your choice. Or, you can opt for one which is already colored or patterned. This can create a beautiful feature in your home which will need minimal maintenance and look good for years.

This can even be left to simply look natural.


An alternative is to use uPVC, or plastic. This is the type of cladding often used in hotels to protect the bathroom walls.

In fact, this is the perfect place to install uPVC cladding at home. It is exceptionally good at dealing with moisture and can even be wiped clean after use.

Again this can be purchased in a huge variety of colors and styles. There is certain to be one that will appeal to you. It is also very easy to install!


Plywood offers a cheaper approach. You can clad your inside walls with huge sheets of plywood and then paint them the color of your choice.

This will provide a similar effect to dry lining your home.

However, you can also fit plywood in the same way that wood cladding or uPVC cladding is supplied and fitted.

Adopting this approach will give you a more even and attractive finish. In fact, this is potentially the most versatile of these 3 interior cladding choices.

The Bottom Line

Before you decide which type of cladding best suits your home and budget you should consider the types of finish available.

While all are relatively easy to put up, the cost will vary from uPVC to real wood; it is advisable to visit several places which are already using your intended cladding system. This will help you to picture it on your walls and purchase the right one for your needs.

Don’t forget you don’t need to install the cladding yourself; there are many firms which are willing to help you create the perfect home. You can even mix the interior cladding styles to get exactly what you want.

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