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Wooden Wonders: 4 DIY Projects You Can Do with Crates

The recycling boon has hit the DIY projects world. Nowadays, it’s nothing to see entire homes built from nothing but recycled windows and wooden grocery store pallets. However, if you’re not quite up to making your own home just yet, don’t despair. There are plenty of cool DIY projects you can make from some simple wooden crates. Here are four ideas to help you get your crafty on.

1. Seasonal Planter Box

The nice thing about leftover wooden boxes is that they look really cool as garden accessories. If you have a couple of old wooden fruit boxes, HuffPost suggests turning these treasures into seasonal planters. Fill them with seasonal plants and place them on your front porch or in your garden area.

As a side note, if you find that you don’t know where to find the crates you need for this and other projects, look on Craigslist. Often, people will give them away. If that’s a no-go, don’t be afraid to look up a company, like the ACME Case Co, that specializes in such things. These types of establishments carry wooden crates, pallets, and other useful items.

2. Holiday Arrangement

If your home is decorated in a rustic style, a DIY holiday arrangement will look nice in it. To make this holiday-flavored craft, you’ll need a wooden crate. You’ll also need craft items like pine cones, evergreen branches, holly branches, Christmas bulbs, and other items.

Fill the bottom of the crate with a bit of florist’s foam. Then press the branches into the foam. Add in the pine cones, ivy, and Christmas decorations. Special holiday wines also look nice in this arrangement. Either put them in the crate or stash them in front of it with the cool wine labels facing out.

3. Personalized Kid Cubby

If your child likes to do crafts, why not help him/ her make a personalized cubby. To make this craft, you’ll need a spare crate, some paint, wooden letters, and decorative items like sequins, glitter, and other things. Paint the box inside and out. Then paint and decorate the wooden letters. Add glue to the backs of the letters. Then attach the letters to the side of the crate, spelling your child’s name.

4. Rolling Storage Bins

If you have more than one crate, you can use them to make a rolling storage bin. Fasten your crates together. You’ll need at least two, but more is possible. (For example, you can make a four-crate cubby by putting two crates on the bottom and two on the two). Make a wooden base for your project and attach some wheels onto it. Then, attach the crates. These work well for storing DVDs, household plants, books, and other items.

When you use old wooden crates to make cool DIY items, you’re recycling a useful item in a new way. While wooden crates can be just simple items that you use to store garden tools, they can also be so much more. These four crafts give you a foray into this world.

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