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Why You Need a Bag Water Filtration System

It’s important to care about the cleanliness of the water you’re drinking. But, unfortunately, many people from across the globe don’t pay so much as a second thought when considering their tap water, even though they should.

This is because regardless of how efficient or effective a city’s water supply is, by the time the water reaches your taps, it will have been infected by innumerable bacteria and viruses prevalent in water pipes.

The solution for this is to install a water filtration system in your house. Although that can be confusing, we’ve dedicated this article to quickly briefing you on why you should get a water filtration system as well as how bag water filters work.

Do I Really Need a Water Filter?

Humans are 80% water. Imagine, therefore, putting water that is contaminated with rust inside of you. That’s bound to wreck your health and open a window to a lot more complications than just nausea. You might be led to think that tap water is clean since it’s always cleaned by your urban center’s filtration system.

While that is true, the sad truth is that it doesn’t make much of a difference. You see, water is extraordinarily costly to “produce,” or rather, filter. So while every liter of water that passes through a city’s filtration system does indeed get purified, it then gets pumped out back into water pipes so it can reach your taps.

These water pipes are the real issue. Most of them are very old and have managed to break down or fall into disrepair, leading to leakage that loses metric tons of water each day or contaminating the water with rust and much worse.

A water filter can completely help remove these worries. You’ll know that regardless of what type of water shows up in your pipes, your filter will help make a huge difference. People who install a filter are almost always surprised at how their water tastes better, as well, so that’s another advantage.

What Are Bag Water Filters?

If your premise is experiencing high volumes of water with high flow rates, then you might consider buying bag filters from Water eStore to help purify it. In short, these are high-capacity filtration systems that can easily purify huge amounts of water.

Bag water filters are always introduced into a bag filter housing, which is a decently sized metal tank. While there are other filtration systems when it comes to large amounts of water, bag water filters tend to perform better than their counterparts.

Advantages of Bag Water Filters

Disadvantages of Bag Water Filters

The most pressing downside of bag water filters is that they are not so efficient when it comes to removing small particles. Therefore, some bacteria and contaminants that are minuscule in size will pass through the filter.

However, you could add to your filtration system by combining it with a membrane filter, which can help solve the issue. That is at an added cost, though, so expect to spend.

Your Money or Your Health

Every year, people contract diseases from the very tap water they swore were safe. While believing our center’s water supply is perfectly fine to drink is only natural, the sad truth is that the water’s journey contaminates it and that the finished product isn’t what we expect.

Therefore, consider setting up a filtration system in your house for easy water management.

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