8 Reasons Why Home Inspections Are Necessary

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The home is a place for peace, where you feel relieved from all kinds of stress. You construct it with emotions, love, affection, and sentiments. In other words, a house is generally a representation of how your personality is. Regardless of the size of your house, it is the maintenance that leads to the conversion of a house to a home.

The decision to purchase a house and making it a home is the wish of a lifetime for all. Even though if you are buying or selling a house, an inspection of a house is one of the most critical aspects. You can inspect it in your own, or you can hire an certified inspectors such as Advantage Home Inspection.

These days blocked drains in Sydney are a widespread issue caused by old clay pipework in the sewers. Often tree roots also cause severe blockages, and that is the reason why regular inspection is required to resolve such issues.

Some countries have specific inspection rules and regulations to comply before purchasing or selling a house. These inspections include city inspection, state inspection, construction inspection, bank inspection, insurance inspection, and third party inspection.

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From the types as mentioned above of inspections, here we will discuss some construction-related problems that need examination and resolution on an immediate basis.

Yard Slope and Entrance Pitch:

Mostly it is observed that the household issues start from the fundamental level of drainage and extend up to the need for severe renovations. In most of the cases, the low entrance pitch or yard slope has been the problem creator. The yard slope and the entrance pitch can prevent the water from flowing out of the house. As per the need, the water should move towards the central emptying hole away from home. The situation gets worse when the in-appropriate elevation supports the issue. At this point, the buyer needs to realize that the inspection before the purchase has a significant impact on the overall condition of the house.

In-efficient Ventilation System:

Regions where the climate is humid, houses are designed in such a way that it has a sound ventilation system. Weak ventilation may cause damage to the infrastructure of the house. Other than the damage to the foundation, inadequate ventilation may become the reason for allergic reactions to the family members. Inspection for the ventilation may help in reducing the probable hazards.

Hazardous Heating System:

Heating systems are installed in the house to ensure that the house is warm in time of cold. The most commonly found problem with the heating system is due to lack of proper maintenance that becomes hazardous and dangerous for the people living in that house. Inspection and maintenance of the heating system may help you to identify the problem. Identification of such issues may help you to nip in the bud and reduce the chances of big problems.

Seepage and Roof Leakage:

Seepage and leakage in the roof are some of the most commonly observed problems in the houses built long ago. If the roof of the house has the problem of leakage, it can be due to damage in the ceiling that should be repaired on priority. Such issues are resolved by repairing the damaged parts of the roof. Before the damage increases, an inspection of the house can help in preventing the significant loss.

Substandard Elevation of the Foundation:

The in-correct elevation is the most expensive damage to a buyer. Inferior or inadequate height has been the cause of many other issues like damaging the wooden or tiled flooring. This issue tends to ruin the infrastructure of the house that can never be repaired but needs renovation from scratch root level. The inspection of the home can help people to overcome such problems and resolve them accordingly.

Toxicity in the Environment:

Life in urban areas is full of pollutants and toxins. It is becoming even more, worse than the current situation. In these circumstances, a house with a smoker can become a catalyst to enhance the pollutants and reduces the overall quality of the air. One of the best and most comfortable solutions for such issues suggested by experts is to place plants that emit oxygen and absorbs polluted carbon-di-oxide from the environment.

Surface Depression:

Surface Depression is a geological issue in which the land sinks than surrounding areas. If water that is intended to move out of the house directly into the downspout, remains in the flat areas or the nearby soil, it causes depression of the land. It creates parallel issues like weakening the foundation of the house. The most common solutions suggested by different experts are the development of an underground basin or an adequate drainage system that is only possible with the help of going through the inspection.

Gutter Spout:

For a potential buyer, other than the elevation, there are some more aspects to look upon like gutter downspouts. The intention of using the gutter spout is to remove the unwanted waste of the house. If the buyer gets the help of an inspector and gets the home inspected, he may come to know if the saturation of the downspout is correct, or it needs fixing in favor of the emptying holes.


The infrastructure of the house is dependent on the foundation laid. Still, if the foundation has some severe issues like improper elevation, surface depression, etc., the buyer must have to pay a considerable amount to fix it. Before the purchase, a necessary inspection should be compulsory to avoid any of the above mentioned un-avoidable issues. Some of the problems mentioned above are easy to subside, but for the longer run, it is better to do an inspection. As we all know, prevention is better than cure.

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