What Temperature Can Granite Countertops Withstand?

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Due to its durable and aesthetically-pleasing nature, granite has always been a popular choice for kitchen countertops.

But there’s one more thing that proves that you can’t ever go wrong with granite countertops- heat resistance.

Granite countertops and their ability to withstand extreme temperatures

One of the best parts of granite countertops is that they can withstand extreme temperatures. In fact, under normal circumstances, it is not necessarily possible to damage it with heat released from hot pans or pots.

According to the professionals who offer services related to granite countertop installation, it handles around the temperature of 480° Fahrenheit. But they are likely to withstand up to 1,200° Fahrenheit. But even such high temperatures wouldn’t be able to compromise the integrity of your stone. You might see some burn marks or damage on the sealant of your countertops which in turn could pave the way for further damage and stains.

Granite formation at a glance

The secret to granite’s ability to resist heat damage lies in its formation. Such materials are actually igneous rocks. These rocks are formed when lava or magma cools down and solidifies.

Due to the role of such extreme temperatures in its formation, it makes it easier for granite to resist heat.

In fact, granite would not melt even if you applied direct flame over it.

What if you put hot pans and pots regularly over your granite countertops?

Well, it is true that your hot pans and pots and pans wouldn’t be able to damage your granite countertops immediately. But there’s a catch.

According to industry experts, if you continuously place those hot pans and pots directly on your countertops, you might end up compromising its quality.

Over time, you might even start seeing burn marks on your countertops. And since it is a porous stone, you might end up weakening your sealant in the long run.

Thus, it is strongly recommended that you continue using trivets to protect the granite surfaces. This way, you can protect your investment and preserve its gorgeous look.

How do granite countertops react to fluctuating temperatures?

Many homeowners opt for granite countertops for their outdoor kitchens. But using it under direct exposure can damage granite countertops in the long run.

But the good news is that there are some very high-density granite countertops available out there that are capable of withstanding the harsh weather conditions. This, in turn, makes it ideal for outdoor usage.

What is the remedy to heat damage for granite countertops?

As mentioned earlier, placing extremely hot items on the granite countertops may leave you with some noticeable heat damage, such as discoloration on the counter surface.

But the good news is that the discoloration is often limited to the sealant layer, not the granite.

So, in order to repair this damage, all you need to do is apply a restorative paste and rub it into the counter lightly. Eventually, you will get rid of the discoloration and restore its charm.

To sum it all up,

Granite countertops have always been first in line when it comes to adding something pretty and functional to your kitchen. And because of its heat resistance power, it can be a good fit for your space.

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