What Should You Expect from a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

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You’re not alone! There are many homeowners like you who are ‘professional carpet cleaner virgins’. They have no idea what to expect when they get in touch with a carpet cleaning company.

As a result, they get fooled by false promises and offers. Yet some are smart enough to get what they want and how. So, this is a perfect guide for you if you’ve been struggling to find an expert to get your carpets clean just the way you like them.

8 Basic Expectations from a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Free and Organic Cleaning Products

The company you hire should provide all the cleaning products and solutions and shouldn’t charge extra for them. Also, ensure that they use organic products instead of harmful chemical solutions. The chemical-based cleaners will be harmful to you and all the inhabitants of your home – toddlers and pets alike.


Obviously, you’re not home all the time, especially if you’re working full time or need to step out for a couple of errands. So, the carpet cleaning company should ideally adjust their timings around the times you’re available. They should also be flexible enough to suggest a couple of cleaning methods in case you’re not comfortable with they are offering.


You always need to prep up your cleaning area a bit before the carpet cleaners arrive.

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Trained Staff

It’s not a very good idea to have just anybody traipsing through your home. So, when you hire a carpet cleaning company, make sure you can trust them. It’s entirely reasonable for you to expect the staff has been vetted, trained, and know how to use the cleaning machines. Especially, when it comes to the concentrated solutions, they should know how to handle it or else they may end up damaging your carpet.


Every cleaning company has their area of expertise. Some are good at dry carpet cleaning, whereas some are great at hot water extraction. Many companies offer subscription services, so they clean your carpets using a vacuum cleaner on a daily or a weekly basis. You can also opt for this kind of service if you are too busy to vacuum your carpets on your own.

3 Points to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company

  • The company you hire should have an expertise in the cleaning your carpets need.
  • It wouldn’t make sense to hire a dry carpet cleaning company when your carpets require deep cleaning.
  • They should also know the cleaning products and methods that work best for the carpets.

For carpet cleaning in Baltimore, you can always rely on Dri-Masters. Their expertise is most valued. This is because they have been in business since 1992 and will offer you only the best service possible.


Your carpet surface provides a host of hiding places for pesky germs and dirt. Hence, keeping your house healthy and fresh is necessary. So, using only organic and decomposable solution compounds is the key. An excellent professional carpet cleaner will be up-to-date on every latest sanitization practice that can leave your house healthy, fresh, and smelling good.

Best Practices

The company you hire should know all the tips and tricks for even the most stubborn stains. Using a company which focuses on problem-solving and the smallest of stains will save you time, money, and most leave you stress-free.


Always remember carpet cleaning is not a one-time service. You’ll require complete cleaning every six or 12 months depending on the foot traffic and the people at home. So, the company that you hire should turn up on scheduled days and times, making sure that you can always count on them.

Now that you know the things you need to be sure to ask your carpet cleaner, you can make the most of your cleaning charges. You do not benefit just once, but many times, as carpet cleaning is a repetitive process. Make sure they use only organic products that suits you and your family, as well as keeps your surrounding fresh and clean.

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