5 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Last Updated on April 12, 2022 by Kravelv

Sometimes no matter how well you take care of your carpets it’s just time for a pro to come in and do the job. It’s not a mark of failure on your part. It’s actually just you using all tools possible to keep your carpets clean and make them last as long as you possibly can. 

Kids, pets, and even people with muddy shoes (or prone to spills) all amount to wear and tear that vacuums just won’t be able to get up. Yes, you can steam clean on your own every few months (which you should do, for sure) but eventually, everyone has to find a carpet cleaning professional to come in and get things back to pristine condition. 

If you’re wondering what some indicators are that you need a professional carpet cleaning then keep reading. There are some reasons or signs you should look for that will let you know it’s time. Here are five reasons why you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

1. Your Vacuum May Be The Problem

Vacuums, walking, and basically, just standard daily living can all kick up dust and dust mites into the air. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t vacuum because vacuums are great for getting surface-level cleaning done so problems don’t build up. You don’t want dirt sitting on your carpet until it’s compacted into the fibers. That’s a whole different mess to deal with at that point.

The reason you’ll need to hire professional cleaners is that there are only so many things surface-level cleaning can do. Picking up dirt and food particles is great but professional cleaners get to the deep-down stuff. The stuff that’s hidden under the fibers of your carpet being kicked up when you go about your life. 

This is especially true for those who suffer from allergies. If you find yourself miserable and sneezing a lot even with the windows closed, it might be time for that pro cleaning touch. It’s just a great way to get those deep down issues a vacuum won’t help.

2. It’s Been A Long Time Since You’ve Had Them Cleaned

It’s possible you’ve never even had a professional cleaning at all. This is a mistake you need to rectify soon. Carpets that are well maintained last longer and look better. Dirt and other spills can break down the fibers of your carpet leading to unwanted situations like having to replace them earlier than you planned on (or really should have.) 

In general, it’s a good idea to hire a carpet pro to come in every 12-18 months depending on how heavily your carpet is used. If you have kids running around and pets everywhere you’re going to want to go closer to 12 months than 18 months to avoid the risks mentioned above. 

It’s not going to be something that takes up a lot of your time every month, but if you go more than 18 months you could see issues arise that you just don’t want to deal with.

3. You Have Gum Or Other Stubborn Stains

Carpet cleaning pros have the right tool for the job when it comes to these sticky situations. Yes, there are remedies for DIY attempts you can find online but they aren’t a guarantee. If you have gum or ground in built-up dirt, you’re going to need some professional help for those. The longer you wait for the more your carpet is going to suffer. 

Professionals have scrapping tools, freezing spray, and a multitude of other industrial strength cleaners to handle the really tough stuff. You don’t have to wait until the 12-month mark to have them come back if you’re really struggling with an issue like gum. The fees may differ depending on how much work is needed but they’ll be worth it when your carpet is safe once again.

4. It Can Save You Money

Okay, so we’re talking about more than just saving you money by making your carpets last longer. In this case, it’s about cleaning and sanitizing your carpets so that any bugs that might’ve crawled their way in (no matter how clean your home is) will be dealt with during the cleaning. This is great because it means you won’t figure out at 2:30 in the morning your carpet has fleas.

Extermination services can get quite costly and the materials used are not always very child or pet-friendly. If the situation is bad enough you may even have to sleep somewhere else for a night or two. The point here is, stick to that regular professional carpet cleaning schedule so they can deal with those problems before they become an infestation from your nightmares.

5. They’re Experts On Carpets

This might seem obvious but stick with it for a minute here. Carpet cleaners know about all different types of carpeting. That means if you have one type in your playroom, and another in your living room, they’re going to adjust accordingly. Their goal is to clean your carpets effectively, not just give them a once over.

They can also give you advice on the differences in the carpets within your home and help you figure out even more effective ways to clean them. If you’ve been treating all carpeting the same in the past, that’s not going to happen anymore. Pros can give advice and make sure you’re upping your game in the carpet cleaning department.

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