Why Buying a Mounted Air Conditioner Is the Best Choice You Can Make?

Last Updated on April 14, 2022 by Kravelv

The first question that will come to mind when buying for an air conditioner is whether to go for the portable AC or window/wall-mounted type AC. Buildings that do not have central air conditioning installed often find a wall mounted air conditioner very reliable. Though, depending on the size, these units can cool only one room, regardless of how large the AC is. It is only limited to its ability to vent and blow cold air in a place.

Why opt for a mounted air conditioner?

A rising temperature or heat comes with fatal consequences to human life. It makes air conditioners very useful and worthy of investment. Check out some of the advantages of a mounted air conditioner below. 

  • A wall-mounted air conditioner is aesthetically appealing. It fits more securely than window type units. 
  • Unlike window units, they do not block the view from the outside. Wall air conditioners give you more room space since it is installed in a pre-set sleeve higher or lower inside the house. Despite that, the cold air will gradually move downwards and provide a refreshing feeling to every person in the room.
  • Wall units also often have thermostats that automatically stop when it reaches your set temperature. It saves money and utility costs, especially in the long-run. 

How to operate this AC the best way

  • Not all buildings have the wall space to attach a mounted air conditioner. Structures such as conservatories can’t withstand wall fixtures. So, before buying a wall-mounted air conditioner, make sure you are installing the AC on a concrete wall.
  • Just like any central air system, a wall units’ lifespan determines the maintenance you do for it. If you maintain your AC correctly, it can last up to 10 years and more. If you do not want to see yourself replacing your AC frequently, be sure always to change air filters and always examine your hose for wear or tear. 
  • It is important to note that a wall-mounted air conditioner cannot cool your entire home. This wall unit remains most effective in a square footage room, and best operate when the door remains closed.

Installation of a mounted air conditioner

A wall-mounted air conditioner needs a hole in the wall with its same dimensions. A professional or a very handy person can drill and cut through the wall to install the unit. Be mindful that experts do this as the size of the hole must perfectly fit to avoid accidents. Each air conditioner comes with a detailed manual and a list of what size the hole should be. 

A metal sleeve is attached to the wall and provides structural support of the wall for the unit. It is essential to know that the mounted air conditioner has to be near an electrical socket. The installing team uses a weatherproof stripping around the air conditioner in preventing air and water from the outside penetrating through the walls. Always remember to check the cooling capacity of a wall-mounted air conditioner before buying. Compare the energy efficiency rating and opt for the higher one. A good AC must have an adjustable thermostat and two air cooling speeds. Fan speed is viable for different needs.