7 Value-Boosting Home Upgrades

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Do you want to boost the value of your home?  If so, it’s crucial to fulfill all the needed things to ensure you’re adding value without wasting money.

Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent upgrades that will not only boost the appeal of your property, but add value as well. 

Check out here the following ways on how to add value to your home. 

1. Improve The Quality Of Air Inside Your Home 

Remember that the air quality isn’t only about the outdoor conditions. If you’re using your carpets for quite some time, they may be hiding allergens and contaminants. 

To determine if you’ll need to replace them, you’ll need to hire an expert and have your indoor air quality check. If the expert advises you to change them, it’s best to upgrade them by buying environmentally friendly and natural products, like laminate floors or tiles. Hard-surface flooring is actually easier to clean and maintain, and doesn’t hold odors. More importantly, it’ll give your property an updated look, making it more appealing to buyers. 

Young couple painting wall indoors. Home repair

2. Painting 

This is, perhaps, one of the most affordable ways to improve and freshen the value and look of your home. When it comes to this, make sure to paint everything, including interior walls, trim, sheds, and siding. Also, make sure to take into consideration the interior features. 

Paints can do lots of wonders in terms of brightening up old paneling or dirty cupboards. Before, neutral shades were perceived as the best way to make a versatile, fresh, and bright look. But, these days, most people are craving color. This means that you need to consider experimenting with a wide variety of colors. However, you shouldn’t use very bright colors, like neon green or hot pink.

If your problem is that you don’t have an eye for color, then hire a professional painter. Remember, painting is an affordable upgrade that will boost your home’s value. So, don’t think twice and work with an interior designer who can pick the right color, and a painter who will do the dirty work. 

3. Add A Deck

When you choose to add a deck on your home as an upgrade, you’re more likely to earn about 80% of its charge at sale time. However, this upgrade needs to take some time to plan. You’ll need to come up with excellent and unique features, like built-in benches. And, if your town or city allows it, consider adding a fire pit. To ensure that the life of your deck will last long, use premium quality materials.  

4. Add Or Update Bathrooms 

One of the most important parts of any home is the bathrooms. If your house has a very outdated bathroom or there aren’t enough bathrooms. it could be a major turn-off to buyers. Updating the fixtures and amenities of your home, or adding additional bathrooms, if space allows, may boost the sales appeal of your property. 

Workers are installing drywall

5. Remodel Your Basement

Instead of adding rooms to your home, which is quite expensive, why not take advantage of the empty basement if you have?  A basement can be easily converted into an entertainment room, bar rooms, or recreation rooms. Not to mention, if there’s a separate entrance, you can also make it as a rental unit or an extra bedroom. Thus, it can offer you more money when you sell it sooner or later. 

However, you’re not allowed to rush the upgrades by hammering the stairs; great planning is necessary. You need to make sure that your basement comes with a bathroom as it significantly boosts its value. What’s more, don’t add lots of hallways and walls as they make the area feel darker and smaller. In fact, a basement tends to feel that way already.  

You should consider installing a gas fireplace to make the space feel cozier, as well as look brighter. Lastly, don’t forget the storage space. 

6. Update Your Kitchen 

The kitchen is considered the heart of a home for some reason. Your kitchen’s draw to partygoers and even relatives have similar value to prospective buyers. Thus, if you want to add value to your home, a kitchen remodel is a worthy investment. 

If done properly, an upgraded kitchen will appeal to the emotion of the buyer and the wallet of the homeowner. In fact, it can offer you almost a 100% return on investment. Having lots of cabinet space and a counter is a must. You should also use a granite countertop as it’s popular with buyers. Consider adding stainless steel appliances, too. But, make sure that they’re all coordinated. 

On the other hand, a window over your kitchen sink is a good area to daydream your dishpan hands away. An island counter is also a great addition, especially if you have a big space in your kitchen. Aside from providing further space, an island counter can also be used for a grabbing quick bite, homework, or a place for visitors to chitchat while cooking. You can also add features, such as extra burners or a prep sink that will make the kitchen a chef’s dream. 

Nevertheless, it’s also important that you avoid common kitchen remodel mistakes for better results. 

7. Increase Space and Light

A cramped and dark room isn’t a good thing in real estate. If you want to boost the appeal of your home, you’ll need to open up your property to improve natural light. To brighten up space, consider knocking down walls. 

An open floor plan also makes a house feel much bigger and is good for entertaining. Another good idea that can help make the illusion of more space is to have vaulted ceilings. Skylights, on the other hand, may also help in flooding your house in natural light.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the above-mentioned, there are plenty of different upgrades that can be performed around your home to improve its value. As long as you take your time to plan accordingly and don’t spend more than what you can, you can make beautiful home upgrades.

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