Toss these 8 things to declutter your garage

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

In many cases, the garage tends to be the messiest place in the house. It’s usually full of unused items that homeowners have entirely forgotten about. We’ve compiled a list of 8 things that you must get rid of* immediately. We promise that you won’t even miss them and you will finally free up enough space to park your car. Let’s have a look!

*Important note: When we say ‘get rid of,’ we don’t always literally mean to throw it in the trash. Items can be passed on to a friend, a second-hand store, or a donation center. 

1. Old Paint

Paint cans can actually last many years if they’re tightly sealed in a dry and cool area. If this is not the case, and your paint has gummed up, hardened, and smells strange, it’s time to dispose the cans properly. Oil-based paint is considered to be toxic, so please don’t throw it in a regular bin box. Check your local ordinances and dispose it at a hazardous waste facility. 

2. Old tools and equipment

Do you have rusty, broken, and non-functional tools in your garage? Why not treat yourself to some new ones? Let go of any tool that’s duplicated and not in good shape so that you can make room for shiny new ones. Similarly, if you still owe old unused sports equipment, the rule applies.

3. Empty boxes

Do you want your garage to attract spiders and cockroaches? We’re sure you don’t. In which case, it’s time to recycle those empty cardboard boxes! Many homeowners save boxes of expensive electronics and appliances just in case they need to be returned. But, if this unlabeled, empty box has been sitting around for more than a few months, it’s clearly of no use. Instead, why not use these boxes temporarily to store all the things that you decide to donate? 

4. Outdated Decoration

Decoration pile up year after year. Whether it’s Christmas holiday or outdoor decor, they don’t get better with age, especially if they’ve been living in your garage for a while.  You’re very unlikely to use these moldy, worn looking, out of style decoration, so don’t hesitate to bid them farewell. Of course, if the decoration is still in good shape, you can either recycle them or give them to a local charity. 

5. Outgrown toys

Does your child still use the high chair or tricycle? Does he/she still ride the scooter or pogo? If the answer is no, it’s time to either pass them along to another family or donate it to a charity. We can understand that you may feel emotionally attached to these toys, and some may have even saved them for their grandchildren. But, are you really going to let the item rot in the garage for X years? Furthermore, old plastic toys become unsafe and brittle. Of course, keep any age-appropriate games, but otherwise, it’s time to move on!

6. Anything Waiting for Donation

Have you cleaned your house, separated clothes and/or furniture for donation but haven’t had a chance to drive them to their destination? If those donation boxes are still around and littering your garage – set a date on your calendar and make sure you take them to your preferred charity to free up precious space! 

7. Old and/or Expired Chemicals

It’s very common to find fertilizers, bug sprays, cleaning products, insecticides, and old batteries in the garage. If any of these products are leaking or have expired, it’s time to declutter those garage cabinets. Similar to paint cans, chemical bottles must be treated correctly at a hazardous waste facility.  

8. The “I will finish it one day” “I might need it one day” ítem

Do you have unfinished DIY projects in the garage? Is it uninteresting and forgotten? Unless it’s something epic, you’ll find more peace by letting go of it. Similarly, if you’re holding on to something that you think will be useful someday, you must evaluate whether its really worth your time, space, and energy. If the answer is a no, you know what to do. 

So now that you’ve cleared unnecessary items, you’ll happily notice how spacious your garage looks. We highly recommend you use vertical space to bring things off the floor. Why now install a bike rack on your garage wall? Free enough ground space to finally park your car.