The Top 4 Kitchen Trends of 2022

Last Updated on July 22, 2022 by Kravelv

Here are the hottest kitchen trends for 2022 to jumpstart your new year’s kitchen renovation. Your kitchen will be updated with the latest trends in kitchen design, materials, colors, and appliances. In a recent survey of kitchen design experts, some surprising findings were found about the next big thing in kitchen design.

white and gray themed kitchen

From app-controlled taps to mesh cabinet fronts, we offer everything from kitchen workspaces to reusable materials. Despite these ideas, don’t forget to design a kitchen you enjoy spending time in, even if these ideas may help you anticipate future trends. No matter the latest kitchen trends, you’ll want to enjoy a new kitchen with shaker cabinets for many years.

1. Colored Cabinets

It has been a tradition for the top and base cabinets to be the same color. According to luxury interior design experts, even the backsplash and countertop are contemporary colors. You can have a top cabinet that is one color and a base cabinet that is a different color with dual-toned kitchens. The cabinets can all be the same color, but the backsplash and countertops differ.

Taking risks with cabinetry and color is the key to personalizing your kitchen this year. A warm, retro feel is achieved using greens, blues, and charcoals instead of eggshell whites. The versatility of natural wood cabinets cannot be overstated. If appliances and decor change, they can remain classic with a new stain or be resurfaced with classic colors that remain timeless.

2. Floors with Herringbone Patterns

It is expected that herringbone and parquet floors will remain popular in the coming year. It adds texture and warmth that cannot be achieved by any other material, even in the most contemporary kitchens. Herringbone flooring is also available in LVT and porcelain, and wood.

3. Kitchen Countertop Trends

In kitchen renovations of 2022, countertops are the most common splurge item, followed by appliances.

Kitchen countertop trends in 2022 will continue to favor white shades of quartz. Those attracted to marble may want to consider quartz because it is family-friendly and life-friendly. Despite real-life messes, quartz holds up well. The trend for quartz with colors similar to marble continues. It has a marble-like look: quartz with a soft base and thick veins.

There will always be a space for marble finishes in the kitchen, though they will never be the most practical option. They are still adored in high-end kitchens; love them or hate them! Marble owners accept the inevitable scratches that will occur when they install the material. Kitchen trends for 2022 include waterfall islands, large islands, and seamless countertop materials that continue onto walls.

4. Appliances that fit in a drawer

Kitchen drawer appliances are one of the hottest trends in 2022, along with kitchen drawers pushing traditional kitchen cupboards to the margins. The first step was frozen food storage, followed by dishwasher drawers, which are much more convenient than dishwashers that draw down before operating.

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