Essential Details about Resurfacing of Kitchen

Last Updated on March 21, 2022 by Kravelv

Kitchen resurfacing is one of the easiest ways of renovating the kitchen in minimum expense. Resurfacing of the existing kitchen would give it a completely new as well as modern look. The area and the existing furniture of the kitchen usually plays an essential role in determining the time needed for resurfacing of the kitchen though it is generally not more than 4 days.

Materials used

  • The most common material used for resurfacing of kitchen is Medium density fibreboard (MDF) and for the front part is Rigid Thermal Foil (RTF) is used. In some cases, solid wood materials are also used.
  • MDF is also known furniture core, wood core, industrial grade wood, particleboard; industrial grade wood is basically wood dust or sawdust held together with the help of glue and formaldehyde resins. These materials are not hazardous to health but they contain several kinds of inferior Rigid Thermal Foil (RTF) materials.
  • RTF materials are applied with heat and glue. But the appliances that create heat such as dishwashers, ovens or coffeemakers attack on the glue of these materials and cause them to curl, peel off, or even turn them yellow.
  • Choosing the colour of the coating is also very essential. Light coloured woods such as maple or oak makes the kitchen look larger and brighter, while darker ones like mahogany or cherry gives furniture an elegant look. Many organizations offer to turn the leg pieces that give it a look of furniture.
  • The boxes should be heavy and strong. Most of the boxes have at least ½ inch of structural rail or thick walls that are usually attached with screws to the wall. Box materials usually have fibreboard of medium density and oriented strand board.

More information

  • 30% on the cabinets
  • 10% on the countertops
  • 14% on kitchen appliances
  • 5% on lightening
  • 4% on plumbing works
  • 2-3% on painting
  • 2% on buying the tiles and
  • About 35-40% on the construction works, flooring and wages of the mechanics.
  • Usually the kitchen of maximum houses is undersized. You can successfully resurface your kitchen as:
    • The kitchen can easily be expanded taking the square footage from the old chimney area or the huge hallway. The cost would be much less in this case.
    • Even if you do not prefer to expand it, you can make it virtually feel bigger by creating open floor plan between the adjoining rooms, hallway, dinning or living rooms and the kitchen.
    • The kitchen can also be expanded by adding an extension along the side of the kitchen by hanging it off the building. This would also give an elegant look to the building and increase the beauty of the house.

Things to check beforehand

The organization for kitchen resurfacing should also be chosen very carefully after analyzing several essential factors. It usually includes investment of a lot of money and a homemaker does it generally once in a lifetime. The important factors that should be checked include

  • Whether the organization has good reputation in the market. It is better to get in touch with its previous customers and get a fair idea about the pros and cons of hiring them.
  • It is always better to go for organizations that have been in this business for at least a decade.
  • They must provide you with all the detailed expenditure and their charges beforehand.
  • They must give guarantee of finishing the work within the given timeline.

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