Tips to Save Money on a New Mattress

Last Updated on April 12, 2022 by Kravelv

Buying a mattress is not just an investment of time but also money. While it is important that you take your time in choosing the right mattress that is comfortable for you, it is also important to get the right value for your money.

That being said, here are 8 important insider tips that will help you save tons of money in purchasing the mattress but without compromising on its quality!

Don’t start by looking for lower price

You may not know this but many manufacturers work closely with their sellers to give unique product names. So don’t get lured by the adverts that promise you a free mattress if you can find one cheaper than the one they are selling. The truth is, you will not find a lower price and these ‘exclusives’ are purely a marketing gimmick! The same mattresses may be called by different names in different stores. So what is the point looking for a cheaper variant when you there isn’t going to be one? However, while doing your research, if you find a Cheap Mattress in Dubai that you like, then negotiate with the store to give you a discount rather than wasting time shopping around.

Always negotiate the price

Did you know that mattresses are heavily marked? This is the reason you should always negotiate the price, even if the mattress is on sale. According to an expert, you should aim to pay no more than 50% of the list price! However, this strategy may not be used in all stores. Some regional stores may actually offer you the right price, minus the huge mark-ups. But if you are buying from a large chain, then you can benefit from negotiating the price. What you can do is to research the discount that the store normally offers on a mattress. This can work as a benchmark to help you ask for a reasonable discount.

Don’t shy from asking for free stuff

Once you get the price you were looking for, you can also ask the store to throw in some freebies. For instance, they should provide you a free service to remove your old mattress. Some stores may even give you a free delivery or a bed frame, only if you asked for it!  Don’t be shy, there is nothing to lose if you asked for free pillows!

No need to pay extra for coil count

Some salespeople will rave about the coil count just to bump up the price of your mattress. But don’t let them mislead you into believing that the coil count has something to do with the firmness of your bed because it doesn’t. Long gone are the days when such a thing mattered. It doesn’t anymore but the salespeople continue to use it to trick customers into paying more. The new mattress technology does not need more than 390 coils in a queen-size bed. Your choice of mattress should be based on your comfort and not the number of coils!

No need for ‘special fibres’

While premium fibres like wool and silk can feel wonderfully soft against your skin, you don’t necessarily need them in your mattress. Manufacturers can really charge you a hefty price for a mattress that has been supplemented with these fabrics. But you can avoid this extra cost by buying a normal mattress and then cover it with luxury fabrics like Egyptian cotton bed sheets or mattress pads. Why pay extra for something that is unnecessary?

Check the warranty

Warranty is that fine print we never bother to read because well, it is too finely print. However, when buying something as expensive as a mattress, you should know how much your manufacturer or seller is willing to back up their product. Some manufacturers will give you a warranty of 20 years while others will only cover defects and not regular wear and tear. The point is, don’t simply believe what the seller tells you. Read the warranty card and ensure that you are actually covered if you have been given a substandard product.

Your salesperson has a vested interest

All the salespeople work on a commission. Some brands may give them greater bonuses than others. Therefore, it is in their best interest to push the mattresses that give them higher incentives. Their recommendations may not necessarily cover your needs. So be sure to do your own research before you blindly trust your salesman’s advice.

Your mattress doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Sometimes, you can get good value for your money if you are willing to go the extra mile. So be sure to use these tips to buy a mattress that will last you for years to come! Have a question, Please click here memory foam pillow.

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