Tips to maintain your furnace filter in Metairie!

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Air filters are the most well-known component and it has to be taken care from the time of furnace installation Metairie. The air filters are the only part many people have known about when asked for the different components of a furnace. Being well-known is also cheap. Yet the cheapest component of any furnace playing a very important role would be the air filter. Why is it so? What does an air filter do in a furnace? What are the benefits of having an air filter? Does it need to be replaced? Why does it need to be replaced? And many more such questions would have been running in your mind. This blog is the answer to all your question about the air filter. 

What is the role of the air filter?

Whether any part of a heating or cooling unit is present or not, the air filter will be present. It is located at the most visible place for every people to easily identify it. The air at first has to pass through an air filter as it is pulled in for cooling or heating. The material of the air filter is usually fiberglass or any other synthetic material that is highly capable of filtering the airborne particles before getting into the cooling or heating process. The size of the particle removed usually depends on the density and design of the material of the air filter. The efficiency of an air filter also varies accordingly. A very high-efficient air filter would remove more particles preventing them from circulating in the indoor air we breathe. But as a negative impact, the airflow gets difficult as the particle filter is being high and not cleaned until the next furnace services Metairie.

Why do you need to check the air filter during furnace services Metairie?       

How is the efficiency benefited with an air filter? As the air passes through the air filter to cut out dust and dirt of large size many of the parts of the heating and cooling unit is protected. Imagine the air entering the heating and cooling unit to be cooled or heated entering with large particles of dust and debris, it could enter the many other components of the furnace leading to the parts either getting damaged or even cause poor performance.

The parts like motors and blowers when excessively gets deposited with dirt can make it difficult for them to perform their normal function effectively. This could cause the efficiency of the overall unit to get affected and make it difficult for every component to work properly. It is also a considerable factor that this air filter needs to be cleaned regularly for a clogged filter could affect the airflow from the other side. A dirty filter can cause many troubles too and hence one must have a well-maintained air filter by cleaning or changing it once a month or once in three months.

How does an air filter air in maintaining the indoor air quality? Again with the same operation of filtering out the excess dust and dirt present in the air, it leaves out a healthy indoor air for every member of the family to breathe. More than the efficiency, maintaining good indoor air quality is largely important because the health of the family members is far more important than the health of the heating or cooling unit. The many tiny airborne particles that circulate in the indoor air without getting filtered can lead to many health hazards and issues including respiratory diseases. Having a high-efficient air filter will filter out even the tiny particles that could cause harmful health hazards. 

How do you have the air filter maintained?

To either maintain the efficiency of the unit or to have a healthy indoor quality, the air filter must be at optimum condition. The air filter can easily be accumulated with dust which needs to be cleaned every month. As any professional is hired for furnace services Metairie, they would replace the air filter. But it is not enough and needs to be replaced at least once in six months.

An improperly maintained air filter can cause many kinds of furnace repair Metairie. Having the right expert hired will provide you the best advice for having a safe and effective air filter. The main goal of Comfort Masters is to help the homeowners to have the best indoor air quality with the best-maintained air filter.

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