Factors to review before water heater installation in Dayton, TX!

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Are you looking to set up a new water heater or replace your existing one? If your answer is Yes, what kind of water heater unit are you planning to purchase?  Before deciding, we will discuss the main reasons why people consider water heater replacement and also review some of the common water heater kinds available. If you are thinking of calling a leading technician for water heater installation, Dayton, TX, ensure to consider all the factors mentioned in this blog.

Reasons to consider water heater replacement:

  • The existing water heater’s capacity is not up to your requirements
  • The water tank leads though you repaired several times
  • The appliance’s warranty has expired

Most people schedule heating services Dayton TX when they notice issues in their water heater. It is recommended to replace instead of spending on continuous repairs or replacing parts in the unit.

Popular kinds of water heater:

1. Conventional storage-tank heater:

As per the Dayton, TX HVAC experts, the conventional storage model is the most recommended and trusted. The name of the unit itself explains that it consists of a tank that contains heated water. As it has insulated walls, the water remains warm till used or needed. The tank’s size is important while purchasing. If the requirement is more, you need to purchase a heater with a large water capacity. The water tank consists of two valves where one aids in controlling the pressure and the other for controlling the temperature. If you are purchasing for residential purposes, the tank-based heater is recommended. It offers hot water instantly. However, you need to make sure that it is large to occupy sufficient water or the amount that is needed for your family.

The best part of a tank-based water heater is it does not need regular maintenance. It is important to clean the tank at least two times a year to prevent corrosion and eliminate mineral formation. When you hire a local water heater plumber, he would easily perform this service for you. Maintenance is not compulsory but it enhances the water heater’s life. Some of the other top benefits of the heater include affordable prices, simple installation, and instant obtainability of hot water. On average, the heater’s lifespan is approximately twelve years.

2. Hybrid water heater:

The hybrid water heater reduces the energy bills as it does not directly generate heat. It utilizes heat from the nearby or surrounding place to enhance the water temperature. It is a powered model. However, it utilizes energy for transferring heat to the main water source. The hybrid water heater helps in reducing the electricity expenses by around 60%. It occupies space while installation and needs an area with a height of about eight feet. As its heat pump is situated at the top, it requires that space. The hybrid water heater is not recommended for setting up in cold regions such as the basement or areas where the winter months are long. As its efficiency is high, it is said to be valuable for the cost in the long term. It also has a water tank that has to be cleaned two times a year by an expert.

3. Tankless water heater:

This model does not contain a tank to store water. It consists of coils that warmth the water when needed. The tankless water heater is also referred to as an on-demand water heater. One of the best features of this model is it can instantly heat water. If you are purchasing a large model, you need to arrange for proper electricity or gas supply in the house. As the model functions on greater electrical capacity and bigger gas lines, you have to prepare these basic requirements and then buy. It is convenient to upgrade the tankless water heater in the form of gas lines. It helps in avoiding huge electrical expenses.

Tankless water heaters in Dayton, TX are widely preferred as they are energy efficient. It heats water only when necessary. Thus, it consumes less energy when compared to the former water heaters. It is important to purchase a unit of the right size. The only disadvantage of this model is high upfront costs.

Are you wondering which water heater model to select for your house? Call the local experts- Ainsworth & Co. for all kinds of water heater installation Dayton, TX.

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