Commercial Roofing Solutions

Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Kravelv

It is really important to detect commercial roofing problems and solutions to make your roofing project successful. A date has been collected with the help of professionals and roofing experts to ensure that you handle these delicate problems with care and attention.

Here is a list of 6 common problems with their solutions to make your commercial roofing structurally strong and stable.

  • A Leaking Roof

It is a very common problem which must be addressed. Regardless of the reason for the leakage, if you have a metal roof you can patch or caulk the leak easily. In some severe cases, you might need to instantly replace the entire metal panel to avoid any further damage.

You can also repair roof leaks with the use of razor blade, especially if you have a roof with restoration coating installed. However, if you have a single-ply roof, you will have to tear up the whole material and replace it with the new roll of material.

  • Blow-offs

It tends to occur due to high winds and storms in extreme weather conditions. Since the whole material is blown off, the only possible solution is ‘Replacement’’. You can now select the material with high wind resistance to prevent winds from causing any damage to it. Most of the homeowners in Michigan prefer polyurethane foam material to prevent the wind-lift.

  • Improper Installation

It is a quite common commercial roofing problem which makes your roof end up with a lot of repairs and replacements. All you need to do is to hire a reputable roofer out of all Ann Arbor roofing contractors. You must keep a check on his references, past work, reputation, and track record.

  • Poor Maintenance

This problem generally occurs due to the carelessness of the homeowner. It also affects the structural integrity of your roof later. However, you can eradicate this problem by having a scheduled maintenance plan and staying stick to it. Making correction and small repairs beforehand can make your roof last for a longer time period.

  • Safety Concerns

Since it is one of the most ignored commercial roofing problems, it must be taken into account to prevent severe loses. You should consult the guidelines for working at heights and also perform a safety inspection before and after the work. This is a really good way to ensure the safety of your workers and home building.

  • Shrinking on Roof Surface

You may notice shrinks on your roof surface every now and then. This can cause leak spots on your roofing. The most effective solution to cope up with this problem is to have coating on your roof surface. It must be elastic enough to keep the roof stretched as the membrane of the coating will prevent the leaks. Otherwise, you will have to make quick repairs to the excessive leakage problems.

The solutions to these commercial roofing problems may vary in different situations. But one comprehensive theme is to stay proactive, perform regular inspections, and make proper repairs to catch the existing problems in their early stages.  

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