Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn All Summer

maintaing beautiful lawn

Last Updated on June 7, 2023 by Kravelv

Summer heat can take a serious toll on your lawn. And increased foot traffic from spending more time outdoors can also have a negative effect. But hope is not lost. It’s still possible to transform your grass into the lawn you’ve always wanted. Check out these tips for maintaining a beautiful lawn all summer. Trust us, your neighbors will envy you.

Fertilize in Early Summer

Summer is approaching fast, and now’s the time to get started on lawn care. In the early summer, you want to focus on fertilizing warm-season grass. Warm-season grass grows best at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Fertilizing now gives it a boost to grow thick and healthy.

But don’t overdo it. If you apply too much fertilizer, you run the risk of burning your lawn. Grass is very temperamental during the warmer months. Maintain caution when applying, use a fertilizer specifically for summer, and follow the instructions.

Adjust Mowing Height

Now is not the time to mow the grass all the way to the roots. That was an activity solely restricted for the winter. During the summer, you want to keep the grass higher. Taller grass encourages strong root growth and heat tolerance.

Taller grass also provides shade and keeps weeds from germinating and competing with the turf. High grass also keeps the soil from drying out and reduces the need to water often. Mow the lawn with sharp blades because dull blades will tear and shred your grass. Cut warm-season grass about 2 to 3 inches tall, and try not to cut more than 1/3 of the grass blades each mow.

Consider the Alternative

It could be that your natural grass is too difficult to maintain, and all your best efforts have fallen short. But there’s always an alternative. Artificial grass is a better crowd-pleaser than some people assume.

Maintaining artificial grass carpets is a little less work than natural grass, and when winter comes back around you won’t need to worry about the lawn dying and preparing it for another summer. It stays beautiful through the seasons with just a small amount of maintenance.

Water Deeply & Infrequently

Artificial grass isn’t for everyone. If you want to keep your natural grass, then you need to water it deeply and infrequently. Check your region to see if there are any restrictions on the frequency of watering lawns.

In normal conditions, the water should reach four to six inches deep. Test it out by pushing a screwdriver into the soil and see how deep it goes. If you get a lot of resistance, that’s a clear sign you need to water the lawn more. And if it slides too easily, you need to pull back and water less.

The heat doesn’t need to be an enemy of your grass. Anyone can maintain a beautiful lawn all summer by following these tips and remaining diligent.

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