Tips for Finding a Reliable Home Contractor


It doesn’t matter whether you have a small job to do on an existing home or you’re looking for a contractor to build your new home, you need the very best contractor for the job. Most importantly, you need one that will be reliable.

There is little more annoying than waiting for a contractor that doesn’t show.

That’s why you need to use these tips to find the best and most reliable contractor for your needs:

Use a Third Party

There are specialist firms that offer labor hire, Sydney. These firms do all the work for you, all you have to do is tell them what you need and they’ll provide the contractor for you.

The contractor is likely to be reliable but, if they don’t turn up, you can contact the company and someone else will be sent. At the very least you won’t be wasting money and time on a contractor that doesn’t show.

Ask Around

Another option is to ask around your friends and colleagues. You can find out if any of them have used a contractor recently and what they thought of them.

If you get positive feedback, especially from more than one colleague, it will be worth following it up with a phone call to the home contractor in question.

Of course, you should still go with your own gut feeling but at least they have a recommendation.

Whether you do this or not, it’s also a good idea to ask prospective contractors whether they have references. If they do take a look and follow them up.

Get More Than One Quote

This is true for anything in life. By getting more than one quote the contractor knows they have competition. But, you can also use multiple quotes to confirm that the contractors are charging the right sort of price and the service is the same.

Don’t forget that the most expensive quote is not always the best, you need to confirm what they are actually offering to do.

Social Media

Digital technology is taking over the world. If you really want to confirm how reliable a contractor is then social media forums can be a great place to verify the information you have. You’ll soon find people prepared to comment about their own experiences.

Don’t forget that there will always be some unhappy customers, you need to know that most customers are happy and check how the contractor dealt with those that weren’t.


You should check that the contractor is properly licensed to do the work you may be booking them for. They should be able to show their license and you should be able to verify it.

While you’re doing this it’s a good idea to check if they will be subcontracting any of the work. If they are you’ll need to run the same checks on their subcontractors before you can accept any quote.

Pay Right

If the contractor has done the job they deserve to be paid. However, if they are undertaking a big job you may prefer to pay them in installments. This is normal but make sure you agree on the payment terms before you hire the contractor.

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