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Tips for arranging small apartments

Small apartments present something of a challenge when it comes to arranging furniture and fixings. How do you make best use of limited floor space and make your apartment feel bigger than it actually is? Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can do just that.

Whether you’ve just bought your first apartment or have recently moved to a smaller space you’re constantly wrestling with, good news: you’ve just stumbled across the ultimate guide to arranging small apartments.

The following 6 tips will help you overcome some unique challenges, streamline your living space and conduct space-enhancing magic tricks that will transform your home.

  1. Decide the flow of each room

If you’re constantly tripping over furniture and storage units, you need to consider the ‘flow’ of each room in your apartment.

How do you move through the living area, kitchen and bedroom? There will be a common path you tread through each and with limited space to play with, it is essential you arrange your furniture to best aid the flow of the room it inhabits.

  1. Be judicious with storage

Tidy living is a good thing no matter the size of your abode, but if you occupy a small apartment, the benefits of clever storage are even more pronounced.

Chances are, your bedroom is where space is at its tightest, so start there and utilise wall storage as a way to make the room feel bigger and remove clutter from the floor. Continue this design ethos throughout the rest of the apartment.

  1. Make light your friend

Light is free, so why not use one of the best space-enhancing tools we have to hand? Avoid installing heavy curtains and enable every window in your apartment to breath with light blinds or fabric drapes.

Make sure you don’t block your windows with large furniture and keep them exposed as often as possible to let light in and create an airy, clean feel.

  1. Use the walls – go vertical

Small apartments suffer from a lack of floorspace, so why not think vertically instead? You’ll likely have more wall space available, so put it to use. Don’t go overboard with shelves, but install enough to remove clutter from elsewhere. And mount your TV on the wall to remove the need for a large entertainment cabinet.

  1. Re-purpose tight spaces

Many small apartments features all manner of nooks and crannies which, on the surface, may seem like a waste of space, but if you re-purpose them, you’ll quickly increase the perceived size of your apartment.

Turn small alcoves into storage areas and if you’ve got a narrow closet, why not turn it into a small home office?

  1. Go green and add plants

The addition of plants will filter the air in your apartment and, some say, will have the added bonus of increasing your productivity and happiness.

Don’t go overboard and ensure you utilise corners, but a strategically-placed Lilly and Yucca plant will bring a touch of the outdoors inside and create a calming, space-enhancing effect.


The above tips won’t break the bank and will leave you with an apartment that feels bigger than you ever thought possible. Your small apartment is your castle, so make it so!

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