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Things You Need To Review Before Moving Homes

If you think moving house is just all about finding your new home and packing your belongings then you are wrong. Moving home is a lot more complicated than that and it can be stressful. Average people will at least move once in their lifetime and in 2017 around 11% of Americans move and relocated.

Although a majority of people decided to do the processes of moving home without professional help, the moving industry is considered as an active market contributing a total of USD $85.7 billion in the country’s economy.  According to statistics, active movers are usually around the ages of 18 to 34 years old. If you are on the verge of joining this number and contemplating on spreading your wings or just want a change in the scenery then, you might need the help of a moving company in Los Angeles if you happen to be situated in the city of angels.


There will be a lot of things to do even before the moving day itself and to keep you from being overwhelmed you need to prepare a checklist. Creating a checklist will allow you to take control rather than be controlled by the demands of moving. Make sure you create a timeline along with the task in your checklist and bear in mind that you can personalize your schedule. Do not forget to mark the priority in the list.

The Background of Your Moving Company

If you watch a lot of tvs you would know that there are a number of moving service provider that are illegal. Do not let yourself be a prey to these criminals and do a background check. You can do this by looking at their online reputation and reviews. Also, ask the company for their business permit, license, and insurance. Double check the information with your local government office. It is better to do this before the moving day because if you fall trap to their modus you will experience a whole new level of frustration. They can catch you off-guard with the pricing and if you disagree they can leave you hanging, thus derailing all your moving plans.

Your Furniture

Your furniture are probably the most precious item in your moving day, apart from electronics. Your fixtures are susceptible to scratches and damages as well as the floor and walls of your new home if you do not have proper measurements. It is important to have the right measurements of your fixtures to make sure they fit perfectly with the space available in your new place. Wrong measurement can lead to adjustments, probably some scratches here and there or worse some serious damage. No one wants to damage their antique fixture or precious cabinet made in fancy wood.

In addition, moving is an opportunity for you to declutter your life I mean your belongings. I understand that as humans we have a tendency to horde knickknacks and for a short time, we place sentimental value to them. Make sure you identify which item, may it be an appliance, furniture o ornaments, will stay and which of it will need to be sold. Cold hard cash anyone?


Make sure you have contacted your utility service provider about your moving decision. Failure to do so may result to complicated billing statements. Inform all your service provider from electricity, gas, cable, and your internet service provider.


Around 45% of people prefer to move without the help of moving companies but that does not mean they lift and carry each and every box and fixtures. Contact any person who can give you a helping hand and assist you in this big day. It can be anyone from your family, circle of friends, and/or your exes. If you plan to do it yourself, make sure you have the proper vehicle to carry your belongings.

Employment Opportunities

This is an important factor. Job markets widely vary. Just because your current location is thriving, doesn’t mean that your new location will be. Do searches on jobs that you are qualified for and would like. If there aren’t a lot of options, be prepared with a backup plan. If it’s hard to find a job, create one. A cleaning company or landscaping company are always in demand. If finding a vehicle is hard financially, look at other options so that you can transport all employees and equipment.

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