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Ten different styles of your home bathroom sink in 2020

When you shift to a new house, you want everything to be aesthetically pleasing. From your kitchen countertops to your bathroom sinks, you want everything perfect. It is finally 2020. 2020 marks an end of an era. It means a lot of new designs and farewell to old models, whether we talk about clothes, room decors, or bathrooms décor.

There are many types of bathroom sinks. Bathroom sinks vary in designs, colors, materials, and sizes. It also depends on the size of your bathroom. If the toilet is not too big, you can always opt for a smaller sink and vice versa. So it is you to decide what exactly you want and what do you like.

When you decide to buy a sink, shopkeepers do help you, but you also should know the different types of basins and what bathrooms do you need to install them, so nobody tries to trick you. So it is very much essential to research it before going to invest in a sink. Because basins are an investment, you will not change them every month or every year.

So you must make the right choice and pick which is not too big or not too small. It should be perfect for your bathroom, and even if you do not plan to change it for the next six years, it will still look as stylish it was years before.

Below are some ideas of different bathroom sinks that are in fashion and are very stylish. You can choose what you want, and they are beautiful and will give your bathroom an exquisite look just the way you imagined.

Have a look at different designs of bathrooms sinks and select your piece:

1). Wall-mounted sink:

The name says it all. A wall-mounted sink is a type of a basin that can easily hang on a wall. This type of sink is perfect for small bathrooms as it does not occupy too much space and looks elegant. The design is very minimalistic. Though the plumbing features are very much visible, it still does not look too bad and is excellent for people looking for basins that occupy less space. A wall-mounted sink will make your bathroom look stylish and up to date.

2). Drop-in sink:

A drop-in sink can be easily fitted. It has a rim and can easily be lowered on the counter. This rim of the basin carries the weight of the whole sink. This design stands out and never fails to impress people. People who have space on the countertop can fit it. It looks elegant.

3). Pedestal:

A pedestal basin covers all the plumbing features, unlike a wall-mounted sink. It is also suitable for people who do not have a lot of space. It comes with a stand, so you do not need a counter. It gives the bathroom a classy look. Most people have this type of sink installed in their bathrooms because it never gets old.

4). Corner basin:

A corner basin is made especially to be fitted at a corner of a bathroom instead of a flat straight wall. It gives the bathroom a contemporary look. But again, the plumbing features are exposed in this type of basin. It is fixed along the sides of the walls. An expert advises setting this when you have a much bigger space to support a corner basin. But it comes in small sizes so people with small bathrooms can make their bathrooms stylish by installing it.

5). Tabletop:

A tabletop is the most fantastic basin which looks great and can never go out of style. It is placed on a stable and flat surface. It is rectangular and gives the bathroom a whole new look. So if you have vanity or a solid flat surface, go for a tabletop basin. Because you need a surface for it, so an opinion says it is great for people who have big bathrooms.

6). Under-mount:

This type of basin is different from other basins. It is fixed under the countertop and is in a deep bowl-like structure. It gives the bathroom a beautiful look. Fun fact is that this type of basin is very much easy to clean. This type of sink can be adjusted in a big bathroom as you need a surface for it.

7). Console sinks:

This console is a mixture of two types of sinks, which are wall-mounted and pedestal sinks. The plumbing fixtures are exposed. Two or four legs support this sink, made up of metal, but sometimes it is available in ceramic and porcelain as well. The faucets should be of the same color as the legs to make the bathroom look more stylish.

8). Trough sink:

Farmers used trough sinks, but now they are back in the game. Trough sinks are big in depth and width and have two faucets, which means two people can use it simultaneously. A trough sink comes in two designs, which are drop-in or wall-mounted sinks. You need a huge bathroom to install a trough sink.

9). Fire Clay:

These sinks are made with glaze and clay at extreme temperatures. They are similar to cast iron sinks are much more durable. They don’t break, stain, etch, or chip easily. However, they are more costly compared to cast iron due to their extensive fabrication process.

10). Bar Sinks:

These are installed in a home wet bar and are more shallow and generally smaller than the average kitchen sink. They are typically a single bowl design used for drink-making, and the best part is the easy cleanup. It is ideal for a home bar or terrace.


Above were some names and descriptions of bathroom sinks. Some are suitable for larger bathrooms, some are suitable for smaller bathrooms, and some are designed for big and small bathrooms. All bathroom sinks have different designs, colors, and materials. You should first analyze how big your bathroom is, what color scheme will complement each other. Then decide what will look good and what comes in the budget you have chosen. Designing bathrooms are fun if you know what exactly do you need. Buy what you like because it is your bathroom and you are the one who is going to use it and pay for it too. So research and make up your mind before entering into a shop and buying without think if it will look good in your bathroom or not.

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