7 Glam Bathrooms that will let you Relax in Style

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Everyone dreams of having a bathroom that allows for the ultimate relaxation. Imagine a tub where you can soak all of your stress and cares away? Along with beautiful accessories and natural lighting, a bathroom like this is one to have. There are many bathrooms out there that can give you ideas on how to create the most glam bathroom that will let you relax in style and elegance. Just take a look at these few examples for some great ideas on how to make a paradise of your own right in your home.

  1. White and Silver

This bathroom allows for the most relaxing setting. With large windows for natural light, it will make the silvery soaking tub shimmer over the water. The mosaic tiles on the floor allows for a beautiful accent to the room. The high ceilings and wooden beams give a sense of forever, with an elegant style. The look of this bathroom brings a bit of glam to the most relaxing room in the house. These bathroom styles are definately a great fit for modern type penthouses.

  1. Bringing the outside in

This stunning bathroom offers the most soothing and relaxing situation by bringing elements of the outside into the room. The stunning cherry blossom design over the tub brings the soothing sense of the Far East into the room. Allowing that design to spread throughout the room will not only bring a sense of calm, but also beauty and style. The soft blue tones bring the entire room together. This is a great idea to transform any bathroom.

  1. As blue as the ocean

If you are looking to bring a sense of the Oceanside into your bathroom, without having to go too cheesy with it, this beautiful bathroom brings that sense without over doing it. The subtle blue of the tall walls, combed with the blue tile floor and blue rug bring an aura of the sea into your bathroom. And who does not love a claw footed tub? The extra high window brings even more light into this room, adding to the feeling you are relaxing right in the ocean.

  1. The epitome of elegance

Looking to relax in the ultimate glam? This bathroom offers all of that and more. From the raised high chandelier that brings in old world elegance, to the ‘his and hers’ vanities surrounded by gold, there is nothing except ultimate glamour to this bathroom. The gold accents in the tub, vanities, mirrors, floors, and storage areas tie the whole room together. Not to mention the gold chair as an accent in the corner.

  1. The Andy Warhol inspired look

A retro glam bathroom is everything you could want if you are a retro lover. The square lines and metal look bring a glam look that will having you completely relaxed in style. The stand up shower offers an ease of use. The square sink offers a higher level of style, as does the square toilet. That is something you do not see every day!

  1. Classic elegance in blue and white

For a classic look, this bathroom offers stunning Portuguese blue tiles on the half wall to bring in a sense of style to the otherwise simple room. A matching striped white and blue chair makes this room cozy and comfy. The large tub and plenty of windows makes this bathroom a dream come true. Attention to detail is important, the candle sconce, picture frame and flowers brings this whole room together. This is a look that you can easily accomplish in your home to bring some glam into your bathroom.

  1. More reflections of the sea

Who would not want a gorgeous room like this one? Simple, elegant and glamorous, this is a bathroom many would love to have in their homes. Simple white tiles on the walls and floors brighten this room up a lot since there is limited natural lighting. The backsplash blue sea stripes along the top of the room bring the sense of the sea into the room. It will feel like you are under the water when soaking in this large tub set atop blocks of wood. The light wooden color gives the bathroom that sense of coziness, and makes the room that much more elegant.

Bathrooms cost a lot of money, and it is advisable that you hire a professional interior designer to help you create the bathroom of your dreams with the correct color pallet that fits in with the rest of your home.

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