Summer Landscaping Tips in Edmonton

Last Updated on March 15, 2022 by Kravelv

With the arrival of summer and the increased propensity to spend more time outdoors, it is the time to transform your lawn or yard into a landscape paradise. Whether you are just moving in or you have been there a while or you simply want to improve the curb appeal and draw in more potential buyers, your home can do with some of these tips to rejuvenate and beautify your yard and leave your neighbours raving about your home. Here are some summer landscaping tips in Edmonton that we have put together for your pleasure. These tips will help beautify your home, are pocket-friendly and are not really time-consuming.

Bring Home the Flowers

Flowers are some of the most important components of creating impressive landscape designs. As it is summer, many flowers are in bloom and are easy to find. Flowers open up great opportunities to let out your inner creative. With their vibrant and eye-catching hue, flowers add another dimension to the beauty of your landscape. There are many ways you can use flowers to vastly improve your yard or lawn. From placing on the sides of your driveway to hanging off by the pool, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Beautify Fences and Columns

To increase the beauty of your landscape, do not let your fences and columns lie fallow. Take advantage of these structures by planting vines. The sight of vines twining their path around your fences and columns evokes memories and thoughts of romance and elegance. The beauty of the design is especially evident when you plant vines that have flowers. One of the most popular vines in such landscape designs is Clematis. Vines can be used to beautify unsightly and unattractive structures.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

For homeowners that have trees around the home or in their yard, summer can be a dangerous time. This is due to the increased chance of thunderstorms which can carry dead hanging tree limbs and inflict damage. Moreover, trimmed trees can add a layer of height and depth to the overall look of your landscape design.

Water Your Lawn/Yard

This is one of the most important summer landscaping tips in Edmonton. With summer comes the sun, and with the sun comes increased temperatures. If you have planted flowers and vines, the constant heat from the sun can turn your lawn or yard yellow. Hence, don’t undo all your good work by failing to water your plants. Watering should be done at the coolest time of the day, usually in the morning. This is vital because it allows the water applied to seep into the roots of your plants as opposed to evaporating due to heat at other times of the day.  It is also important not to ‘overwater’ your plants and flood them.

Mow the Lawn

The sight of a perfectly mowed lawn makes neighbours go green with envy. Thus, mow your lawn and mow it well. Some homeowners have decided to cut their lawn very short, but as much as possible, avoid this temptation. Why? A lawn that has been cut short jettisons the protection and shade offered to the roots by the extra length of grass. Furthermore, lowering the height of your mower for a shorter cut can make your lawn more susceptible to diseases.

Add Fertilisers

During landscape construction, your lawn or yard is a victim of many things such as traffic and heat. To ensure that it survives through the summer, add fertilisers to your lawn. It’s never too late to add fertilisers as this will provide the adequate amount of nutrients necessary for proper growth.

Be Vigilant

Be on the lookout for weeds and signs of disease as these can totally undo all the work you have done. As often as possible, take a walk around your yard and inspect your flowers, vines, grasses and other plants. Check for diseases and any signs of distress. Double-check fruit trees as they are especially vulnerable to diseases. Summertime is also a great season for weeds, hence, check your yard carefully for any signs of these unwanted elements and remove immediately.

Apply Pest Control

Some insects are attracted to your landscape plants and this attraction is not beneficial to your plants. Thus, apply Pest control to your plants to repel or kill these pests. Do this as soon as possible because in large numbers these pests can decimate your lawn or yard. Deer can also constitute pests, thus it is wise to plant shrubs or flowers that deer find unpalatable. An example of such a flower is the butterfly weed.


Applying these summer landscaping tips in Edmonton found in this article can help you kick off your summer to a great start and make you the envy of all your neighbours.