Common Landscaping Problems and Ways to Fix Them

Last Updated on April 19, 2022 by Kravelv

Landscaping is for sprucing up the dull and boring land of your home; indeed, it is a proven method. However, the problems related to the process are also troublesome. These problems are nothing new but cannot be left unattended.

Sloppy terrain, narrow plot, poor drainage, and limited space are some of the common challenges that eventually decrease the splendor of the building design, lawn plantation, and decoration. If you are also dealing with such a landscaping dilemma, maybe we can help find a real cure.

Here, we have pinpointed the most common landscaping issues, their causes, and lastly, the solutions. Take this as a first guide and start learning about your land’s problems from the very beginning. 


Among many other land issues, erosion is the most common problem. The leading causes of soil erosion involve abundant water, poor drainage, and heavy wind. These activities spoil vegetation, disturb the ground, and make it extremely dry that resultantly produce soil erosion.

There are several techniques to handle this issue. It highly depends on the level of damage that has occurred. A dry creek bed can work wonders in this situation. Experts recommend this method due to the simple technique and the controls it provides over the erosion.

Poor Drainage

No doubt, plants need water to grow, but if given in abundance, it is likely to do more damage than the good. Poor drainage and abundant water in the land can disturb the nutrients balance in the soil and cause stunted growth. But the good news is that the solution to this problem lies in the plantation. Yes! You heard that right. By planting wetland flowers such as Ferns, Cattails, Blue lobelia, Blue flag iris, and Bayberry, you can get rid of the problem. 

Dead Grass

Some of the most well-known causes of dead grass are direct sunlight, heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides, and dull mower blades tear. However, the latter two reasons are easy to manage, but how can one deal with the direct sunlight, especially during the hot summer?

We have a simple and easy solution to that, and it says, “Go for more plantation.” Trees and shrubs can provide natural cover against harsh sunlight and save the grass from turning into a dead yellow mass.

Standing Water

If you have issues maintaining healthy turf and gardens, standing water can be one of its factors. Several reasons cause water retention; however, low spots, excess run-offs, and hard rain are common.

The issue cannot be ignored but demands a landscaping service to get on board. People living in California usually seek help from the experts when dealing with the boggy mess and hard rain. If you reside in the neighborhoods of California, consider getting your landscape checked by professionals who provide services of lawn maintenance Sacramento CA.

Too much shade

In contrast to the above-discussed problem, too much shade is also damaging for the plants. However, it can be resolved by making intelligent choices and planting indoor or shade-loving plants. You can also have an equally beautiful lawn with plants like Foam Flower, Coral Bells, Lungwort, Dead Nettle, Foxglove, and Primrose.

No Privacy

In urban areas, this is the most common problem. If your lawn is too open and lacks privacy, you have no other option but to install a thick fence around it. Moreover, instead of an iron fence, you can also plant vines or crawling plants as they will work exactly like a boundary and add an extra element of beauty to your yard. Apart from the above, Lattice can also be a great option to have.

Too Small

Having a small place is not an issue, but how one utilizes it matters the most. Thus, be creative with your ideas. You can divide the whole area into multiple steps and levels that will allow you to have different kinds of plants altogether and have more space as well.


You may face a nightmare if your landscape ruined by the wildlife overnight. Birds, rabbits, snakes, and deers can cause great destruction to plants and gardens. There are many solutions to this problem. Depending on your situation, you can grow plants like berries, Comfrey, Meadow Cran’s Bill, Wild Marjoram. You may also use special sprays and repellents, contain compost, and lastly, build a large fence around your yard. 

Mushrooms Everywhere

It is prevalent yet a severe issue that needs your attention all the time. Otherwise, it can go out of hand entirely because mushrooms start growing and popping out of the surface once they found a habitat under the ground. It means when you start noticing mushrooms, they have already created a home and have an extensive root network below the surface of your lawn. Therefore, fungicides or any other special sprays cannot do any work against them. Also, pulling them up is not an option but the most useless way of wasting time.

It is why you cannot take any risks or show carelessness at any time, as it can cost heavily. To avoid that, make sure to notice all the suspicious activities from the very start. The fungus is the leading cause that can be dealt with by having a less favorable environment and keeping the land well-drained. Also, keep removing any form of buried lumber and organic matter from the soil now and then. Some of the other noteworthy practices involve changing the old mulch, aerating the ground, and removing the grass crippling and the tree stump to prevent the problem.


Almost all landscapes have one or the other problem, whether it is too much erosion or dampening, a heavily shaded area, or too much exposure to sunlight. However, only with well-targeted solutions can these problems be solved because your place should be a sanctuary where you can escape from the worries of the outside world. To have such a tension-free place, you need to address all the problems in the landscape; otherwise, it can become a burden. Therefore, try considering all the solutions mentioned above and enjoy having a well-balanced space that will eventually bring peace and happiness rather than a headache.

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