Steam Showers: How Does it Work and Is It Worth It?

Last Updated on September 7, 2022 by Kravelv

A steam shower isn’t for everyone, but it may be a great addition to a house with a spa vibe. Not only that it provides a lot of health benefits, but it also adds value to your home. Will you consider one?

steam shower enclosure
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What is a steam shower?

A steam shower is a type of shower that generates enough steam to simulate the conditions of a hot bath without the need to continuously run hot water. The moist heat of steam has been shown to alleviate dry skin and clear congested nasal passages, and it also offers a great chance to unwind fully and ease tense muscles. The use of essential oils or other mood-enhancing fragrances can also offer some aromatherapy advantages. One may easily get the benefits of a steam bath and then quickly rinse off in the same shower.

How steam shower works

To create steam, a steam shower directs cold water into a steam generator. The steam penetrates the steam shower enclosure while you’re in the shower or just sitting there, warming you from the inside out.

Commonly found in steam showers are digital controls that activate an electronic valve to supply the steam generator with cold water at the turn of a knob. A steam head is connected to the generator, which boils water and distributes it around the stall as calming steam.

How much does a steam shower cost?

Typically, you should expect to spend between $2,500 and $5,000 to have a steam shower installed in your house. Steam showers may be expensive, especially if you want one made to order rather than buying one off the shelf. The cost of installing a steam shower is significant in comparison to other types of bathroom remodeling. If you want to create a mini spa experience, with a steam shower enclosure, mood lighting, waterproof sound system, aromatherapy oil pumps, and other accessories prepare to spend an additional $1000+ more.

To some extent, you can recuperate the expense of installing a steam shower in your bathroom if, after installing it, you find that you don’t use it very often. When looking for a new home, many home buyers prioritize finding one with a steam shower. It’s a nice bonus that might make your house stand out from the others in the area.

Steam shower vs regular shower?

There is little to no visual distinction between a standard shower and a steam shower. Often, it is made of glass, ceramic tiles, or some other impermeable material. However, a steam shower differs from a standard shower in that it must be airtight in order to keep the steam within. A steam shower uses a steam generator to create the steam and then relaxes in the misty room, which is heated to between 43 and 46 degrees Celsius and has a humidity level of close to one hundred percent.

A steam shower is the same as any other kind of shower. However, they have panels that reach from floor to ceiling and trap humidity. Their steam generators can create more steam than a standard shower can.

A steam shower must be properly built. To prevent water damage to drywall and other porous materials, it must be thoroughly enclosed using a steam shower enclosure to prevent the steam from exiting.

Steam shower FAQs

Is a steam shower a good idea?

Short answer, YES. Taking a steam shower might be beneficial to your health. This is because taking a steam shower before bed can help relieve tension and promote a more peaceful night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep may do wonders for your attitude and productivity the next day. Congestion from allergies or the common cold may also be eased by a steam shower.

Can it be used as a regular shower?

YES. Both standard and bespoke showers typically incorporate such a feature into their design. In most cases, a standard shower is taken after a steam shower to rinse off, at which point the steam is condensed. No need to put in a whole new unit or stall if you want to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of steam showers; simply add a steam generator to your current shower setup.

Does it use a lot of water?

Steam showers are not only soothing and calming but also environmentally friendly because they need far less water than the average shower. Only two gallons of water are used in a 30-minute steam shower, compared to the two or more gallons per minute used in a standard shower.

Final Words

A steam shower is worth the money if you spend too much time in the shower every day. Because they don’t require continual use of hot water, they save your utility expense while providing a nice, warm, and soothing bath.

Whether at home or in the office, a steam shower is a pleasant addition that improves the mood of everyone in the room. A lovely, aesthetically pleasing area that promotes calm and comfort is ideal for unwinding after a hard day or taking some time for oneself.