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How does Smart Home Technology Impact Our Lives?

Smart home essentially refers to a home automation system under which all the electronic appliances in a house can be connected with each other over a digital home network. A smartphone or a tablet can control the functioning of these smart devices remotely, which include lighting system, security system, entertainment system, etc.

Smart homes not only make life much more comfortable and convenient but they are also energy efficient. This intelligent technology is tremendously impacting lives all around the world. Here are some positive changes that home automation is bringing in the lives of people who’ve adopted it.

A smart home is the best option for working parents with little infants or with individuals with elderly parents. The smart cameras installed in the home can help you keep a watch over your children or your elderly parents and monitor their activities throughout the day. It is particularly beneficial for the elderly as it can perform a wide variety of functions for them. For instance, notifying them when it’s time for their medicine; shut off taps and lights in case they forget; alert the homeowners in emergency situations(in case the older adults fall sick and need to be taken to the ER immediately), and so on.

With smart locks, security cams, and video doorbells, you never have to worry about unwanted visitors at your house because you can monitor whatever goes in and around your house 24×7. Even if you forget to lock the doors on your way out, you need not worry for you can lock all the doors of your home remotely from anywhere with just a click on your smartphone. Any case of intrusion or breaking in within your property will immediately trigger the alarms system which will send you alert notifications on your phone. So, you can inform the police in time to take action.

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Smart thermostats have inbuilt WiFi for ease of controlling, scheduling, and monitoring the temperature within your home. These devices are so intelligent that they can learn your preference and behavior and automatically adjust accordingly for providing you with the best ambient temperature inside. The best part – you can control it from anywhere. Also, these thermostats have indicators to show energy consumption.

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All the smart devices in a smart home are wired in such a way as to keep energy wastage to a minimum. Motion sensors help detect the presence of people in a room and immediately turn on the lights, fans/AC, thermostat, etc., in the room. Being automated, they will also shut down as you leave the room. Any taps left running will be taken care of, lights will dim themselves, fans/Ac will perform at a reduced functionality when you are asleep. Just imagine this – you can dim the lights, change their colors and brightness, and even control all the lights simultaneously, all through your smartphone! Isn’t that cool? Such advanced features help you reduce your energy consumption and consequently, your carbon footprint. Also, you save a lot of money!

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Overall, smart homes, create a much more comfortable and convenient living space. Automation of appliances turns the tedious, daily chores into something fun while saving you a lot of time. You can start your washing machine and dishwasher while you are at work, so by the time you return home, your clothes and dishes will be washed and ready to dry! You can cool or warm up your home by controlling your air conditioner and thermostat remotely while you are out, so your home will be ready for you with the perfect ambiance.

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Smart homes are helping to set in the new green technology revolution. They are eco-friendly and help you save time, money, and energy. Home automation simplifies life to a great extent, a much-needed luxury in our busy lives today. As this technology continues to develop, our future looks even more exciting and promising.


Author Bio:

Arindam Paul is a founding member of Atomberg Technologies, a startup working towards creating unique energy efficient and tech savvy products. He is currently heading the Marketing and Long-term strategy division at Atomberg and is aiming to disrupt the world of household appliances.


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